Thursday, June 25, 2009

Organized Chaos

And a Happy Birthday to my blog.

It has been a year and a day since I migrated from friendster-blogging. My reasons, though, are far from extraordinary -- I just did not want my thoughts to be fully publicized in the office. Especially when I am blogging about office woes. The alphalist series has, in its own way, been around, and I think that I didn't get into trouble, as another officemate did, because of my penchant for writing in English, which most officemates avoid like the plague.

Still, the idea of my personal thoughts in easy access to anyone of the sixty or so people whom I regularly interact with for at least forty hours a week is rather off-putting. It leads to much-unneeded inhibition and the curtailment of free-flowing expression. I still post there from time to time, but it really isn't the same anymore. Which is too bad, because I still opine that some of my better feats of verbal acrobatics were done there. It's just too bad that self-imposed censorship caused about by mild paranoia led to its untimely demise.

Ever since my first foray into whoring my thoughts onto unsuspecting web-surfers way back in June 2006, I have been using the header Organized Chaos. It suits my state of mind which is in constant flux. It doesn't help at all that I am the first to negate and counter-negate my own arguments that I end up with three opinions -- or none at all. Though others see me as a balanced individual, my thought processes are far from that state -- quite the opposite at times. Thankfully, there is still some semblance of organization amidst the chaos that dominates my mind, and this somehow helps me think out of the box when the circumstance forces me to it.

A year hence, and I am still unsatisfied with my words. Though I am afforded an avenue to express myself without the indignation -- real or imagined -- from my peers, I am still far from uninhibited with my thoughts. I am still unable to shed light into the murky abyss of conflicted emotions and contradictions that is my mind. I have much to improve, and so much more to learn. But maybe, everything is as it should be.

This post is a response to a tag from cruxrifter of Youthanaisa


  1. unsatisfied with your words? i really think you write really well. ganun lang talaga siguro. hehe

    kaya pala organized chaos... can't say the same thing for myself. sakin kasi mostly chaos lang! hahaha!

    happy birthday to your blog. yung sakin late july pa :)

  2. i wished i could write the way you organized the chaos....mine is...CHAOS!!

    Selamat Hari Jadi !! :-)

  3. Happy birthday to your blog.. Same reason why I transferred from friendster to blogspot..

  4. Nice! Happy 1st to your blog! Inuman na! =D

  5. Your typing fingers may just have a hard time catching up with your whirlwind of thoughts because they never stay still.
    ; )

    Used to blog in Friendster, too, but when I lost interest in Friendster, I generally lost interest in blogging there as well. So I just deleted the whole thing and made one in Blogger. Which is a whole lot better.

    Belated happy birthday to your bloggie!

  6. keep blooging!!!! see u around

  7. @ Lucas: Hey Lucas, welcome back! Thanks, but you know how it is, we all cannot be satisfied with our work, as we are always the first to find flaws in it.

    Madalas kasi, OC ako, kaya organized. haha!

    @ Olay: Thanks Olay! I guess it takes practice, and a whole lot of inspiration to find your words. And it never hurts to surround yourself with great writers, so you could learn from them. Check my blogroll for more awesome writers.


    @ Homer: Thanks for the greet, Homer! Wow, same reasons tayo? Apir!

    @ Andy: Sorry, Andy, I'm trying to stay away from alcohol at the moment. Di maganda ang experience ko with alcohol, as this post would demonstrate:

    @ Angel: I'm a slow typer with short-term memory loss, struggling with mostly incoherent thoughts. No wonder it's hard to find my words. haha!

    Wow, you just erased the whole thing? I've lost too many of my old works as it is, that I'm not ready to delete those that I've posted there.

    Thanks for the greet!

    @ Tsiremo: Thanks Tsi, and welcome to my Assylum! I'll try not to run out of words this time. See you around as well.

  8. since this is your blog's anniversary. i think it's the best time to say this. magaling ka magsulat. i hope that you get a good career out of it. hopefully.

  9. happy birthday to your blog!

    i dont see the chaotic side of your blog! you write really well! HEHE

    thanks for answering! :)

    more power! :D

  10. @ Andy: Hmm... I thought I put in the link... anyways, this post illustrates why I am shying away from booze lately:

    @ Dong: Thanks, Dom, for that vote of confidence. Sana nga mapagkakitaan ko ang pagsusulat. hehe

    @ Cruxrifter: Hindi ba chaotic? Magaling lang siguro akong magpanggap. Hahaha!

  11. happy organized birthday to your blog, shats!

    ...which most officemates avoid like the plague

    hehehe. ninoy, di ka nag-iisa. :)

  12. @ Gentle: Welcome, dear Gentle! And welcome back from your blog holiday! :-)

  13. @ Jerick: Thanks, Jerick! And welcome to my niche.

  14. it's been a long time since i've gone thru your blog... congratulations on your first!!!

    dear, you are a good writer... i've been a fan since we were teens... :-)


  15. @ --E: Thanks, dear! We still have a long way to go before we're satisfied with ourselves. :-)


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