Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Astro Voice
I have formed the habit of using my earphones to listen to the radio while at work. I find that it soothes me, and minimizes the toxicity I feel. Also, it frees me of unnecessary distractions that would make me lose focus at my work: people tend not to ask questions when they see you have something covering your ears. It does leave me behind of the latest office mumbles and grumbles, but I tend not to delve into those anyways, so it isn’t quite a loss; merely my antisocial tendency rearing its snobbish head.

Last week, as I was listening to my lunch-hour duo run their show, something curious happened: a new listener called in time for one of their more famous contests. I didn’t give too much thought to that, except that the way the caller pronounced Makati was rather odd – it was familiar. The caller was not able to beat the best damn buzzer in fm radio, but he did give her a scare. For that – and probably for M’katy – the caller was awarded a consolation prize.

A few minutes later, I got an sms from EyviCat, inquiring if I were listening to the radio, and informing me that he won tickets to Astro Boy for almost beating Suzy.

Astro Bus
Unfortunately for EyviCat, his work schedule precludes him from being able to attend the premier screening. Fortunately for me, I was one of the first people EyviCat offered the tickets to. And so, mere minutes after 6 pm, I clocked off and set my pace to go to Mega Mall, braving the traffic along Pasong Tamo, and wishing for powers to disintegrate vehicular traffic to get to my destination faster.

I have learned, to my detriment, that taking the bus along Buendia to go to Edsa on a weekday rush hour is the surest way to get late to any appointment. More than the bottlenecks, the constant stops to wait for more passengers will eat your time more effectively than a Hoover sucks dirt. That is why I have learned to brave the MRT, sacrificing my need for personal space in exchange for speed. That is no laughing matter, considering that on its better days, the trains can get so tightly packed, it borders on achieving critical mass, thereby creating a black hole.

I got to the venue at around 7.15, making good time by being a few minutes earlier than the rush-hour horde. I whiled the time by walking around the mall for a better part of an hour while waiting for Gentle to arrive, knowing full well that when organizers tell you 7.30, it means that the show will start an hour hence.

Astro Boy
The movie was good and funny, though it deviated from the original story line to make for a more concise film. Thankfully, its essence was intact, and you can feel for Astro as he makes his way to find acceptance. Both boy and robot, but not belonging to either realm, Astro’s story is relatable in different levels. His yearning to belong and find his place in the world is shared by many people; much like my quest for rocket-powered red boots that would enable me to fly; it is universal in appeal.

Purists for the manga and the anime might have reason to complain about how the film was rendered, but I myself don’t mind. Though I grew up with the anime, I honestly don’t remember much about Astro’s earlier adventures. What I do remember is his unique hairstyle and his omnipresent boots, which is as much of a trademark of Astro’s as his butt machine gun.

The key to enjoying this movie, as with all other adaptations, is to forget the source material. Without something to compare to, movies like this could be experienced in its own separate light, and it frees you from feeling resentment and disappointment that the finished product is inferior to its source, because let’s face it, very few adaptations will ever surpass the awe and nostalgia that the original material brought us.

Astro Voyeur
Going out of the cinema, I suggested to Gentle that we head first to the nearest restroom to releive ourselves of the drink we downed while watching.

There is an unspoken rule when using public urinals wherein you should situate yourself one urinal apart from the next person. Seeing five empty urinals, I made a beeline for the middle urinal to do my thing. I was rather put off when a stranger moved to my left, considering that there is a perfectly usable unit further on either side, and a whole row farther inward of the restroom. Consider my shock when I saw this stranger, through my peripheral vision, start peeking over the barriers into my side of the urinal.

Having let go of control over my baldder, I had no choice but to suffer those invasive eyes until I was able to empty that well of amber liquid. To rid myself of mounting unease, I focused on myself and refused to acknowledge the stranger's existence. After I'm done, I turn to the line of sinks and see Gentle with impish glee in his eyes, having witnessed the stranger's blatant harassment; I roll my eyes at him. We exit the restroom and try to put as much distance between us and the voyeur.

Weirdness aside, it was a fun night for movies, and seeing Astro Boy once more was like seeing a long lost childhood friend. Memories become legend, and it was enjoyable stripping those myths to find out the truth hidden in the memory.

Someone commented before that everyting is cyclical, and seeing today's trends, I believe that the statement has more than just a spark a truth in it. With Transformers, G. I. Joe, Fame, and now Astro Boy, making it big, you'd think that we're all back in the 80s.

This is a good time to be young again.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Patay na raw si Odie. Tumawag sa akin yung vet. :-(" So states the first message I read today.

Odie is our pet daschund whom Garfield bought four years ago. A few months after purchasing Odie, Garfiled moved out of the house, leaving him to our care. Such is the irony in life that a few months after Garfield moved back in, Odie then dies.

Of all the pets we've had over the years, I've been most aloof with Odie. Lacking the time and the motivation, I've never allowed myself to establish a good rapport with him. Having lost my favorite pet a few years back, I didn't want the emotional attachment to establish with this new dog. But Odie is such an endearing pet; always eager to please, always eager for company. He would always try to find an opportunity to lick your face if you're unaware, even if you don't want him to.

Odie is overwieght. For a dog his size, he weighs almost double than normal, thanks to my mom's knack for pampering pets too much. But when Odie developed an inability to finish a walk along the street and refused to go on any further, prompting anyone walking him around to just carry him back home, my mom relented and imposed a diet for Odie, involving only two meals during the day, instead of the three full meals he once enjoyed.

The last time I saw Odie over the weekend, he looked thin but healthy. I didn't realize that he was suffering from any sickness. His absence during the past few days didn't even register on me. I didn't know he was sick, until I recieved Garfield's message earlier.

Goodbye, Odie.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shirking Responsibilities: Película Pelikula

An asteroid three times larger than the one that caused the extinction of dinosaurs is headed for Earth. The combined might of all world powers has amounted to scratch; not even enough to derail the asteroid from its crash course collision with the planet. You have three days before the end of the world, what would you do?

For one man, the answer is simple: Escape his 20-year incarceration and kill the man responsible for his capture, along with his progeny. What better revenge is there, after all, than to let your enemy meet his maker a few hours before everybody else does? And if you can give them a slow, torturous, hanging death, then so much the better.

For one mother, it is protecting her sons and her grandchildren from a killer's vengeance, while trying to keep the grandchildren ignorant of the impending armageddon. For her other son, staying alive long enough to die with everybody else seemed enough.

But when death comes barging in, even a man who's felt inferior and unwanted his entire life, a man who seemed to have never lived, can find the will to defend himself, and his brother's children from the all too real prospect of a violent death. When death comes knocking, how far would you go to protect something that is already lost?

3 Días (Before the Fall) and 20 other award-winning Spanish and Latin American films are featured in the 8th Spanish Film Festival at Greenbelt 3.

I've been able to see three films so far, and I'm hoping to see more. Of the three films I've seen, my favorite would have to be Los Cronocrímenes, about a man who becomes displaced in time, and the lenghts he would go in order to regain his life. The film is too good to blurb about, so I wouldn't even attempt a summary. Just watch it. Another screening is scheduled on Friday at 12mn, and I am planning to see it again.


I guess I'm back to blogging again. The past month became such a circus that it effectively wiped out my thought processes. As much as I love this medium, writing is at most, a fickle mistress. The urge and the inspiration comes and goes, and sometimes, it calls on you at the most inconvenient time. There are instances when it disappears for great lenghts of time, only to come back to give only elementary output. But there are times when it performs beyond anyone's expectations, and those are the moments, though rare, that makes me fall in love with it again.

Mediocre or spectacular, I hope this new advent in my writing urge would stay this time. Loss of writing ability sometimes feels like the loss of lucidity, and nobody wants that.


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