Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mayday! May Sale!

May is such an exciting month.  Reeling from the rush of the annual report, we have until midmonth to file the first quarter report to the SEC, and until monthend to report the tax.

Hurray for labor!

But aside from reportorial heat, May is also good for a different kind of heat; like the one you feel in your wallet.

The Enterprise Tower holds its Markdown Madness, featuring shoes from Sketchers, Ecko, Zoo York and Merrell.  

So from May 2 - 6, you can expect a lot of corporate types flocking into the Enterprise to part with their paychecks, as I have already.

I actually wanted to buy hiking shoes, but those on sale are still beyond my budget.  Still, a pair of walking shoes for 995 doesn't hurt too much.

Another reason to part with your money is offered by Starbucks.  From 12 noon til 2pm, all their Fraps are available at half-price.

Good deal, huh?  Except for the fact that I like my coffee better when it's hot.  And the long lines!  They're monstrous, I tell you.  Imagine the traffic along EDSA during the rush hour?  That's how it looks like at every Starbucks branch near my place.


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