Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping Busy

I know I haven't been blogging as often as I should have, and this time, it's not for lacking of an internet connection.  The internet gods have been kind lately and have afforded me with unlimited internet access whenever I avail of it, which, in my case, means every night.  All that access, and I still can't draft a decent enough post!  In my defense, I've been...err... busy!

And by busy, I mean I'm obsessing.  

I'm not really a comic freak, but when I come accross a series I like, I tend to gorge it in like a panic-buyer before an in-coming disaster.  For the past few weeks, I've been reading this comic about life in graduate school. I may not be pursuing higher education at the moment, but that doesn't mean I cannot relate to their antics nor appreciate their humor.  And they are humorous!

What I find interesting though is that I'm enjoying this comic this much.  The only times I get to obsess this much before was about manga, and not all manga can affect me like this, mind you.

A warning, though, the site may induce an unhealthy attack of unproductivity, so I advise you, especially these who are not well acquainted with the fine art of procrastination, to tread with caution.  You might get to enjoy it too much.


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Tuesday, June 1, 2010



A:  You've got a big tummy.
B:  Give me three months and it's gone.
A:  As if we'll last three months.
B:  Thus said the player.
A:  I learned from a heart breaker.




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