Friday, July 27, 2007

The Hair-raising Harpy of Dispair

It may seem odd, but somehow, my emotional state is connected to barometric pressures. Low atmospheric pressures would put me in a deep depressive mode, and high pressure would put me in a mutinous state.

Yesterday was such a low pressure day that I was skulking like mad, utterly depresed, I was almost catatonic. And it hurt. Physically and emotionally, it hurt. There was this internal void so deep and strong it felt like I was going to implode.

Fortunately, after lunch came the downpour that raised the pressure a bit, and I was lifted from my depression, but I wasn't totally out of it just yet. I needed to do something else to lift my spirits.

I had my hair cut.

Now, cutting your hair may not seem like a true remedy against depression, but it works for me. And a depression as deep as yesterday's needed some drastic cutting, for the more hair is cut, the happier my mood would swing.

I was liberal with the razor. I had my head shaved.

And I was free of that soul-sucking, mind-numbing, heart-crushing depression. Now I'm happy.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mental Diarrhea and Emotional Constipation: I Hate My Life Vol 2

Conflicting sorts of emotions are passing through me; conflicting thoughts are flicking in and out of my mind.

I cannot think cohesively, nor can I feel any concrete emotion. I'm feeling happy one minute, and I am sulking the next. And all this time, various memories are replaying in my mind. Memories which, sadly, will stay just that, for they have no more chance of being repeated once more.

I am at the Borderlands, and I don't like it.

Call it Depression. Call it Hormonal Imbalance. Call it Dellusion. Call it Schizophrenia.

Whatever it is called, it's affecting my enjoyment of my day and wreaking havoc on my brain, and all of my senses.

I wish it would go away...

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