Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Day of the Anti-Christ

Today is June 6, 2006. In numerical terms: 06-06-06, or put simply, 666. Yup, the Dragon's number (I say dragon for you wont find the words satan, demon, or anti-christ anywhere in the Revelation; the author uses that word: dragon), and everyone is, in their own quirky ways, fidgety about today. Some even reacting to the point where they think armageddon would strike at any moment today. And some are acting like they would on a Friday-the-Thirteenth; as if any action would cause their misfortune, or worse, demise. Funny how that thinking came about...

Today also marks the release of a film; which i believe is a remake of some old 80s shocker; The Omen. I must say, that film is really capitalizing on the common peon's paranoia. Here we have a boy, born on the fateful day of the triple sixes, who exhibits a propensity for homicide but executes it so seamlessly that it would always look like an accident. Then the clerics come and announce to the doting parents that their son is indeed the anti-christ, as evidenced by the cute little birthmark shaped like a circle of sixes. I never got to see how that movie ended, and I don't think I will see how the remake ends as well. I just don't have the patience for watching the film.

I do not have anything against superstitious people, but letting superstition run (or more likely, ruin) your life is just not acceptable. It shouldn't be common fare. Sure, heed the old'un's advise, but at least look into its logic. Blind obedience is so passe.

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Thursday, June 1, 2006


Everything must start at the beginning.

And this starts my online flirting with the written word. This isn't the first time I'd write the crap running through my brain, though; only the first time I'll take a shot at shoving down my thoughts on anyone unfortunate enough to ever read my collumn.

I'm used to writing my thoughts whenever I get the urge; but why in this medium now? Well, i don't know... maybe the cost of paper has risen too high; or I'm tired of getting callouses on my hands from excessive pen handling; or maybe typing is just easier. Whatever the case, it's here now, and -- hopefully -- it stays.

But what to write about? It's not as if I have the most incredible life filled with adventures and action sequences; my life's very mundane, if you ask me. And it's not like I have the courage to write about each and every detail of my life -- that would be very presumptuous, indecent and indescreet of me. And I don't like to be any of those things.

But still... what to write about? Anything under the sun? Slected topics and life experiences? The books I've read, the people I see, the places I've been to? BORING!!! So, what do I write? Well, those things enumerated above, what else! It's my weblog and I'll write what I want to -- that is, if I don't edit myself first. Hahaha!!!

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