Thursday, June 1, 2006


Everything must start at the beginning.

And this starts my online flirting with the written word. This isn't the first time I'd write the crap running through my brain, though; only the first time I'll take a shot at shoving down my thoughts on anyone unfortunate enough to ever read my collumn.

I'm used to writing my thoughts whenever I get the urge; but why in this medium now? Well, i don't know... maybe the cost of paper has risen too high; or I'm tired of getting callouses on my hands from excessive pen handling; or maybe typing is just easier. Whatever the case, it's here now, and -- hopefully -- it stays.

But what to write about? It's not as if I have the most incredible life filled with adventures and action sequences; my life's very mundane, if you ask me. And it's not like I have the courage to write about each and every detail of my life -- that would be very presumptuous, indecent and indescreet of me. And I don't like to be any of those things.

But still... what to write about? Anything under the sun? Slected topics and life experiences? The books I've read, the people I see, the places I've been to? BORING!!! So, what do I write? Well, those things enumerated above, what else! It's my weblog and I'll write what I want to -- that is, if I don't edit myself first. Hahaha!!!

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  1. indecent...of me.

    no comment.


    1. @ Ternie: Lagi ka namang walang comment e. hahahaha!

  2. Tama nga naman... keep writing!

    1. @ LJ: Yeah, I will try to. Sana lang wala nang writer's block. haha!

  3. You used Friendster Blog? Yun yung hinding hindi ko napuntahan when I was using Friendster. Busy kasi ako sa pag customize ng theme ng page ko, I was jeje like that. Hah.

    Hello, Shatts. :p

    1. @ Ms Pataki: Yeah, Friendster blog was my first foray into blogging. And I've yet to incorporate those blogs I wrote there into this template. haha! Di ko masyadong na-enjoy mag-customize ng friendster page, so I busied myself with the blog.

      Welcome sa lungga ko! :-)


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