Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Patay na raw si Odie. Tumawag sa akin yung vet. :-(" So states the first message I read today.

Odie is our pet daschund whom Garfield bought four years ago. A few months after purchasing Odie, Garfiled moved out of the house, leaving him to our care. Such is the irony in life that a few months after Garfield moved back in, Odie then dies.

Of all the pets we've had over the years, I've been most aloof with Odie. Lacking the time and the motivation, I've never allowed myself to establish a good rapport with him. Having lost my favorite pet a few years back, I didn't want the emotional attachment to establish with this new dog. But Odie is such an endearing pet; always eager to please, always eager for company. He would always try to find an opportunity to lick your face if you're unaware, even if you don't want him to.

Odie is overwieght. For a dog his size, he weighs almost double than normal, thanks to my mom's knack for pampering pets too much. But when Odie developed an inability to finish a walk along the street and refused to go on any further, prompting anyone walking him around to just carry him back home, my mom relented and imposed a diet for Odie, involving only two meals during the day, instead of the three full meals he once enjoyed.

The last time I saw Odie over the weekend, he looked thin but healthy. I didn't realize that he was suffering from any sickness. His absence during the past few days didn't even register on me. I didn't know he was sick, until I recieved Garfield's message earlier.

Goodbye, Odie.


  1. I's so sorry to hear that. :(
    Sino pala si Garfield? Enlighten me. Hehe.

    I always wanted to have a pet daschund. I don't think I am ready for a pet though, I barely have time for myself.

  2. Garfield is my brother. He named the daschund Odie because he is Garfield, or at least people tease him that he looks like Garfield. Imagine the rounded cheeks and eyes, as well as the heavy built, that's him.

    I'm not too attached to Odie, but losing a pet is always hard.

  3. Oh this is sooo sad. :'(

    I just recently lost my dog too and I still miss her everyday. I still cry when loneliness gets the better of me.

    Rest well, Odie. You will be sorely missed.

  4. Thanks, Angel!

    True, Odie will be missed, that rascal.

  5. sorry for the loss, shatter.

    i know this isn't the time for me to kid but odie seems to be such an apt name what with some garfield around. haha!

    is garfield really your brother's name? lol!

    we do have a japanese spitz but i'm not really a pet person although i do like seeing the dog prancing around. i guess i'll feel the same way if our canine died too. maybe.

    hey, maybe odie's in dog heaven now eh? if there's ever one, that is.

    cheer up, dude!

  6. Thanks, Lio.

    Nope, Garfield isn't really my brother's name, but he does acknowledge the monicker given to him by college friends years ago. He somehow resembled the ginger cat as he used to be heavy around the middle. Actually, he christened the dog Odie in defference to that nickname.

    I don't know abount doggie heaven, but at least he;s no longer suffering whatever it was that caused his demise.

  7. aaww.. i remembered by brother who cried a lot and even wrote our dead dog a letter.. grabe kasi siya magmahal ng pet. :(

  8. Hindi pa naman ako sumusulat ng love letter sa pets namin, Raye. hehe.

  9. ... i sympathize with you, my friend. It's such an irony fact that you only learn the true value of someone or something when you have already lost him or it.

  10. condolence shats. its been years since i really got close to a dog. tho i've really wanted to pet odie during the times i go to your house, i guess my dog-touching years evaporated when rambo succumbed at gunpoint years ago sa ilalim ng punong mabolo. tsaka katakot kaya ang nails ni odie!

  11. huhuhuhu... naalala ko tuloy si diego, yung aso namen, ganyan din ang lahi nya, malikot yun e lalo na kapag nakakawala. isang araw nawala sya, antagal nameng hinanap, nun pala kahit anong mangyari hindi na sya makikita kasi nasa tyan na sya ng mga walang awang manginginom....

  12. @ Rcyan M: True, that. Sad fact of life that no matter how many times it gets pounded on us, we still have a tendency to forget it.

    @ Gentle: Ang bait bait kaya ni Odie! I just don't know kung bakit takot ka sa kaniya. hehe

    @ Livingstain: Kakaiba naman ang mga sunog-baga sa inyo, ang liit ng daschund, pinatulan pa nila para gawing pulutan?

  13. wala na akong aso ngayon pero alam na alam ko kung paano mawawalan ng isang aso lalo na kung kasama mo itong lumaki.

    you should watch "marley and me"

  14. hey, you makes me cry... i am sorry to hear that... i just love pets.. i got 5 cats in the house and one dog. its not my mom nor my dad's pet it is really mine.. i bought it..

  15. aww. i know odie is now playing in dog heaven with my enzo.

  16. @ The Dong: I haven't seen Marley and Me, pero I saw their poster, and I really love that Labrador pup!

    We used to have a labrador before, Boz, he used to sleep with me on my bed. But we had to send him to the province when my niece was born. He died in the province. I miss him still.

    @ Tim: Wow, 5 cats and a dog! I can't imagine how you take care of them. I hope their potty-trained, because the smell would be horrible.

    @ Lawstude: Unlimited munchies in doggie-heaven. :-)

  17. i'll definitely miss odie... mas matino naman siya sa mga aso namin ano!!!! hehehehe


  18. sorry to hear. ganda pa naman nung aso. early this year, namatay din yung spitz ko.

  19. @ n_dlreyes: Matino rin naman yung pets niyo, they're just um... ah... exhuberant. hehe

    @ SuperSawsaw: Hi SuperS, welcome sa e-bahay ko. Sad to hear about your spitz.

  20. shet. this type of stories gets to me, it really does.

    it's unfair dogs have such short lives. it's just not fair. if they were meant to be my best friend, then why do they always die on me? (andrama! hehehe)

    back home i have a dog. she's about 10 years old now. that's 70 in human years. it's just not fair.

    hello shattershards. *kaway* :)

  21. @ Deejay: Yeah, losing someone, even a pet, really is hard. All we could do is try to make the most out of the time we have with our pets.

    Hellow Deejay! *kaway kaway*


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