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Astro Voice
I have formed the habit of using my earphones to listen to the radio while at work. I find that it soothes me, and minimizes the toxicity I feel. Also, it frees me of unnecessary distractions that would make me lose focus at my work: people tend not to ask questions when they see you have something covering your ears. It does leave me behind of the latest office mumbles and grumbles, but I tend not to delve into those anyways, so it isn’t quite a loss; merely my antisocial tendency rearing its snobbish head.

Last week, as I was listening to my lunch-hour duo run their show, something curious happened: a new listener called in time for one of their more famous contests. I didn’t give too much thought to that, except that the way the caller pronounced Makati was rather odd – it was familiar. The caller was not able to beat the best damn buzzer in fm radio, but he did give her a scare. For that – and probably for M’katy – the caller was awarded a consolation prize.

A few minutes later, I got an sms from EyviCat, inquiring if I were listening to the radio, and informing me that he won tickets to Astro Boy for almost beating Suzy.

Astro Bus
Unfortunately for EyviCat, his work schedule precludes him from being able to attend the premier screening. Fortunately for me, I was one of the first people EyviCat offered the tickets to. And so, mere minutes after 6 pm, I clocked off and set my pace to go to Mega Mall, braving the traffic along Pasong Tamo, and wishing for powers to disintegrate vehicular traffic to get to my destination faster.

I have learned, to my detriment, that taking the bus along Buendia to go to Edsa on a weekday rush hour is the surest way to get late to any appointment. More than the bottlenecks, the constant stops to wait for more passengers will eat your time more effectively than a Hoover sucks dirt. That is why I have learned to brave the MRT, sacrificing my need for personal space in exchange for speed. That is no laughing matter, considering that on its better days, the trains can get so tightly packed, it borders on achieving critical mass, thereby creating a black hole.

I got to the venue at around 7.15, making good time by being a few minutes earlier than the rush-hour horde. I whiled the time by walking around the mall for a better part of an hour while waiting for Gentle to arrive, knowing full well that when organizers tell you 7.30, it means that the show will start an hour hence.

Astro Boy
The movie was good and funny, though it deviated from the original story line to make for a more concise film. Thankfully, its essence was intact, and you can feel for Astro as he makes his way to find acceptance. Both boy and robot, but not belonging to either realm, Astro’s story is relatable in different levels. His yearning to belong and find his place in the world is shared by many people; much like my quest for rocket-powered red boots that would enable me to fly; it is universal in appeal.

Purists for the manga and the anime might have reason to complain about how the film was rendered, but I myself don’t mind. Though I grew up with the anime, I honestly don’t remember much about Astro’s earlier adventures. What I do remember is his unique hairstyle and his omnipresent boots, which is as much of a trademark of Astro’s as his butt machine gun.

The key to enjoying this movie, as with all other adaptations, is to forget the source material. Without something to compare to, movies like this could be experienced in its own separate light, and it frees you from feeling resentment and disappointment that the finished product is inferior to its source, because let’s face it, very few adaptations will ever surpass the awe and nostalgia that the original material brought us.

Astro Voyeur
Going out of the cinema, I suggested to Gentle that we head first to the nearest restroom to releive ourselves of the drink we downed while watching.

There is an unspoken rule when using public urinals wherein you should situate yourself one urinal apart from the next person. Seeing five empty urinals, I made a beeline for the middle urinal to do my thing. I was rather put off when a stranger moved to my left, considering that there is a perfectly usable unit further on either side, and a whole row farther inward of the restroom. Consider my shock when I saw this stranger, through my peripheral vision, start peeking over the barriers into my side of the urinal.

Having let go of control over my baldder, I had no choice but to suffer those invasive eyes until I was able to empty that well of amber liquid. To rid myself of mounting unease, I focused on myself and refused to acknowledge the stranger's existence. After I'm done, I turn to the line of sinks and see Gentle with impish glee in his eyes, having witnessed the stranger's blatant harassment; I roll my eyes at him. We exit the restroom and try to put as much distance between us and the voyeur.

Weirdness aside, it was a fun night for movies, and seeing Astro Boy once more was like seeing a long lost childhood friend. Memories become legend, and it was enjoyable stripping those myths to find out the truth hidden in the memory.

Someone commented before that everyting is cyclical, and seeing today's trends, I believe that the statement has more than just a spark a truth in it. With Transformers, G. I. Joe, Fame, and now Astro Boy, making it big, you'd think that we're all back in the 80s.

This is a good time to be young again.


  1. i thoroughly enjoyed astroboy, prolly becuase i can't remember the original story line :P

  2. @ Eternal Wanderer: I did enjoy the movie as well! They did a good job modernizing the story, and the funny quips weren't so bad either. :-)

  3. Hello ' Welcome Back!
    Oh Astro boy already hit the theaters...
    Cant wait to see Astro Boy in Action!
    Mapanood nga yan bukas hehe

  4. I hate taking the MRT during rush hour, too. Nightmare.

    Not an Astroboy fan but would love to see the film. : )

  5. You've seen Astroboy? Palabas na ba? Last year ko pa yan inaabangan. Haha.

  6. parang gusto ko ring manood. hehehe.

    funny i don't recall ever watching astroboy as a child - anong channel ba dati yon? :P

    kakatawa naman yong restroom experience mo, sana winisikan mo ng amber liquid. wahahaha!

  7. @ Wait: Hello! It's good to be back. Yup, Astro Boy is out now. I saw the advanced screening last Tuesday. :-)

    @ Angel: I was okay going in the train. I had some problem going out of it. People were pressing in and wouldn't let me go out.

    @ Vajarl: Yup, I've seen Astro already. Palabas na siya sa theatres. Nood na! hehe

  8. @ Deejay: Manood ka na! hehe

    I don't recall what channel it was, probably IBC13, but I'm no longer too sure.

    Mahirap mangwisik ng amber liquid, baka pati ako mabasa, dyahe naman. hehe

    @ Gentle: Yup, you were there, and Todo too!

  9. may gumganun na pala ngayon??! di pa nangyari sa akin to.

  10. @ Dong: Unfortunately, nagyayarin nga siya.

  11. "The key to enjoying this movie, as with all other adaptations, is to forget the source material."

    it took me a long time to do this... it's quite hard especially when you just love the original source...

  12. @ Lucas: Everybody loves Astroboy! Buti na lang di ko na masyadong maalala yung adventures niya from the 80s, kaya enjoy ako sa film. How was your movie experience, by the way?

  13. teka lang. eto ba yung movie na andun si nicolas cage? ano role niya dito?

    haha. nakakatawa naman 'ung voyeur experience mo. if you're stricter, there's even a silent code about not talking with your mate while relieving yourself.

  14. @ Lio Loco: Yup, kasama si Nick Cage sa cast. He's Dr Tenma, who made Astro to replace his lost son, Toby.

    I'm not too strict about the code of silence, but you should talk to the wall when doing so. No glancing about. haha!

  15. hehehe... i'm glad you liked the movie... the voyeur would prob'ly like to see astroboy in real life -- you should have given him a hit of your lazer sword! (Joke!!! Hehehehe, mixing up 80's cartoons)


  16. buendia during rush hour is a nightmare. mrt too but id rather brave the crowd than the traffic. and the urinal incident has happened to me a few times too. bad trip.

  17. Haven't seen Astro (the movie version), but I'm a big fan of the anime series. :)

  18. @ --E: Yup, I enjoyed the movie, and yes, you're switching your 80s cartoons with each other. haha!

    @ The Scud: Buendia is hellish, even outside of rush hour. I can only be enjoyed during the weekends, and sometimes not even then. True, the urinal incident is such a bad trip, But I'd like to bury it in the past. I just had to blog about it, though.

    @ Andy: I don't really remember Astro's adventures from the 80s, I was still too young. It he was revived a few years back, though, thru AXN and Animax, and was given a tighter storyline, but I wasn't able to catch all the episodes. The movie spliced that storyline even more, cutting the Blue Knight story arc entirely. But as I said, the movie is best enjoyed away from the shadow of its source material. :-)

  19. so hindi lang pala ako ang may ganoong public toilet thingy..awkward kasing magpee na may katabi ka..kaya mas okei pa ding gumamit covered na toilet.. ^_^

  20. @ Oddblood: The problem with the cubicles is that not many people know how to use them properly. You will always see those cublicles unflushed and with the floor sticky with the mixture of dirt and urine. Barring the peepers, I'd choose the urinals everytime.


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