Friday, November 6, 2009

Attention Deficit: Mini Updates

It's crunchtime once again (what else is new) and I can't make my mind stop and focus on writing. I do have some posts in mind, and I'm aching to pen them, but nothing comes out the moment I face a blank sheet with pen in hand. To unburden me of my thoughts, I'm opting for this mini-post to tide me over until that time that I can produce something of significance.

Fe Comes Back

After its successful run in the Cinemalaya, Fe went to Chicago and then to New Delhi to compete in the international scene.

The Rapture of Fe now returns home for commercial screenings at Robinson's Galleria and Robinson's Place Ermita starting November 11.

You'd have to hurry, though, because Fe will disappear once more once the Vampires and Warewolves of New Moon attack.

For more info about the film, go to their webisite.


I went inside 7-Eleven to buy foostuffs when I saw this lollipop's new packaging.

Placed inside a flip-top box and with matching "warning note" on the label, the package reminds me of cigarette cases. I guess chupa chups are now marketing themselves as alternatives to smoking for those trying to quit the habit.

Whether the marketing ploy works or not, their "warning note" is hillarious! Sucking does not kill, indeed.


  1. ermmm, sucking on a lolly sometimes irritates the tonsils.

    if it's too sweet.

    you, dirty, dirty minded you! lolz

  2. @ Eternal Wanderer: I, too, am not a fan of sweets. I tend to get sick easily when I eat too much of it.

    Why am I dirty minded? *innocent look*

  3. One of my officemates bought one of those. Sabi nya hindi daw sya nasayahan sa lollipop na yun, pero what made her buy that in the first place is its new packaging. So, siguro successful ang marketing strategy nila. Hehe.

  4. hmnn..

    i love lollipops.. but i think chupa chups are too big for me.. lol

  5. @ Vajarl: Hmmm.. Yeah, one might buy on impulse, and in that way, the packaging works. But I don't think they'd generate return buyers, if like you said, hindi satisfied yung friend mo. All that money for packaging spent merely on a novelty. Not a very sound marketing move, in my opinion.

    @ Raye: These pops are mini-sized daw, according to the label. :-)


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