Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Love, in Nerd-speak.

r=3(1-sin thetha)

So you see, love can be expressed as a mathematical equation after all. :-)


  1. ay.

    polar coordinates!

    how very college algebra, me likey!


  2. Arekupo. Wala akong alam sa Calculus. Wala ko nyan mula highschool pati college. Haha. Saket sa ulo.

  3. i suck at math... hehe!

    word verification: DORKPIG

    nice... very fitting sakin! hehe!

  4. Ay grabe. Polar coordinates. Natrauma ako dyan nung third year. First time kong magkaron ng grade na talagang ikinalungkot ko. Hahaha. Na sinundan ako hanggang fourth year. Good thing it's not as bad as third year's.

    Limacon po yan, diba? :D

  5. haha. nice one kuya shatter. kaya lang di ako masyadong maka-relate. like in sports, i suck in math. haha. ika nga nila LOSER. ;P

  6. Ayyy, correction. Di po pala yun limacon. Haha. May loop nga po pala yun sa loob. Naisip ko kagabi before going to bed. Hehe.

  7. @ Eternal Wanderer: I think I had this during fourth year highschool. They tortured us with maths before, and one of the best was Calculus with Analytic Geometry. We only broached this topic, though, and we weren't taught how to graph hearts. hehe. Thankfully, my business course in college didn't have this in the curriculum anymore. :-)

    @ Vajarl: Yeah, calculus really drains you. That is the reason I avoided Engineering and opted for business, the maths were simplier. Haha!

    @ Lucas: There's always time to rush up on your maths! Just don't ask me to tutor you, as I've forgotten the bulk of it after graduation.

    @ Aina: Oddly enough, I had good grades in calculus during highschool, but I almost lost my sanity with trigonometry. I just couldn't absorb my sines and cosines. haha!

    @ Poot: You're the second nursing student to confess low mathematical aptitude in this post. Is that a common denominator? I thought you needed maths and a healthy dose of chemistry with your prefered line of study, but how come you don't like math?

  8. That's bad news for me. I'm not really good in math. Come to think of it, I suck at love also. lol

  9. @ Andy: Everybody suck at love, in one form or another. In war, love and in math, everyone is equal, but in math, some people are just more equal than others. hehe.

  10. awts.. i hate that subject. kasi i'm not fond of equations and graphs. haha..

    so in a way, i hate the word "love".. nyahahah

  11. In any case, are you from a Science High School? We have the same subjects ata eh. Hehe. We have Calculus too for 4th year. >___< And yes, Calculus is fun. :D

  12. @ Raye: I also claim to hate the subject. But apparently, my concept of hate is different from most other's definition of the word. Whereas some people would scream expletives and throw hissyfits when approached with an equation, I'd stop to look at the equation first, and try if I can solve it before ignoring it completely. As to love, I'd rather be indifferent to it, at the moment. hehe

    @ Aina: Nope, I didn't go to a science highschool. My parents didn't broach that avenue, and I was rather indifferent as to where I study. I was enrolled in a technical highschool, though, and we had basic engineering as part of our double-curriculum.


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