Saturday, November 7, 2009

Attention Deficit: Filmfests

September and October were a whirlwind of some of the best movies the world has to offer. With the German, European, Korean, Spanish and Italian film festivals set almost just one week apart from each other, it could only be described as a viewing frenzy for me and some friends.

Then October ended and there were no more news about any other movies to follow. I felt like an addict suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Thankfully, I chanced upon a website announcing the Australian Film Festival held at the Greenbelt. The news was such a shining beacon of hope that I gleefully hoarded up info as to the movie dates. It seems to me that this event has been set without any fanfare that it didn't even register upon my radars until it's release. Apparently the Festival started last November 5 and will end at the 15th.

Unfortunately, the 2nd week of the Festival will be held, not at Greenbelt, but in Ayala Center Cebu, so this weekend would be my only opportunity to enjoy these movies.

So now, I'm off to the cinemas.

And wait for another bout of withdrawal symptoms after this festival is over, as this might be the absolute last for the year.

And no, the one held annually during December does not count in my books.


  1. Does this mean you are back to writing? :)

    I don't think I have watched a single Australian film. That made me feel a little bad about myself. Alam ko na! Pupunta ko ng Cebu para manuod! Haha.

  2. ah being a cinephile - such a luxury i may never ever have. or at the very least, not under my present predicament.

    pwede ka bang mag-post ng mga movie review ngnapanood mo para maski papano eh kunwari nanood na rin ako. hehe.

  3. Same here. The one held annually during December gives me the shivers. There, I just had one again.

  4. @ Vajarl: Hmmm... Maybe I'm back to blogging again, at least for quick posts about things that catch my attention. hehe

    There are 6 Aussie films featured in this festival, and I find it weird that this is the first time I heard of it, considering that this is the 7th time it was held.

    Good idea! Punta ka ng Cebu next weekend so you an enjoy the films for free.

    I saw 2 films earlier: Danny Deckchair, a comedy; and The Bank, a thriller. I am planning on watching some films again tomorrow (Sunday).

  5. @ Lio Loco: You just have to try to find time for cinephilia. You don't have to bury yourself in accounting handouts the whole time you're reviewing for the board exams, you'd burn out fast if you do so.

    I still feel inadequate about my writing, much more in writing film reviews. For intelligent reviews, I look to Oggs and The Scud to supply me with the goods.

    But who knows, maybe I'll try my hand with that. :-)

  6. @ Andy: Quality movies can earn big money. The Cinemalaya has attested to that. Why can't this annual December festival get that in their heads?

    And I haven't been shaken, rattled nor rolled like the first two times it previewed. How come they can't make it like the old times? That scene with Herbert and the manananggal, or Janice with the possessed refrigerator still stick to my head, unlike the other drivel they try to force-feed the viewers nowadays.

  7. sad to say i still dont have enough time to watch indie films. priorities priorities.

  8. I want to go to greenbelt but my friends are not interested enough in the festival so they refused to go with me. Tama. Cebu nalang talaga. Hahahaha.

    How did you find the films you saw yesterday? Marerelease kaya yan in DVD dito sa Pinas?

  9. Pasinget sa comment about Shake Rattle & Roll. Hihi. Naalala ko yung classmate ko nung college, nanuod daw sya nung movie na yun tapos tawa lang sila ng tawa dahil sa 'Haunted Christmas Tree'. Sa kwento palang nya napahalakhak na ko ng todo. Christmas Tree. Wahahahahahaha!

  10. @ The Dong: Wow, mukhang sobrang busy ka travelling all around the Philippines. Pasalubong! hehe

  11. @ Vajarl: Dapat pumunta ka pa rin. Nothing wrong in watching movies alone. I do it all the time. hehe

    The movies were great. The first I saw was a commedy, the other a thriller, and both films has left me feeling satisfied. I wont tell you about it yet, kasi ayaw kong masira ang panonood mo sa kaniya next week sa Cebu. haha!

    I didn't see that Haunted Christmas Tree. That's SRR 7 or 8, I guess. This December, #11 will feature as part of the annual festival. I have no plans of ever stepping foot near where that thing would be shown.

  12. mas enjoy ako pag indie and foreign films kesa yung pang film fest..

    i find the pinoy movies, lalo na pang-film fest, so predictable already so i'm not excited to watch any of it.. :)

  13. @ Raye: One of the reasons for indie and foreign films become enjoyable is that it is easy to become absorbed into the story; one's suspension of disbelief is quickly estblished, because you see the characters, and not the actors playing the characters.

    This is especially true with non-Holywood features, because you don't even know the actors' names. Since you don't need to wrestle with the fact that they are merely playing characters, it is easier to follow the story's progression.

    In Filmfest movies, on the other hand, the actors are cast primarily for their celebrity status, and so, the suspension of disbelief isn't there; the movie experience incomplete. Then the problem compounds because some of the celebrities can't even act to save their carreers, and you end up laughing at, or irritated at, them, instead of focusing on the story.

    Bottomline: 150 bucks and 2 hours of your life wasted. Sad.

  14. cinema one original this weekend in gateway. go watch! ako tentative pa.

  15. @The Scud: Wow, thanks for the head's up! Will try to see as many films from there as I can. :-)


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