Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have seen one of the most entertaining films of the year! I would have to give credit to the whole production team for their efforts; I was impressed. The producers went to great lenghts to create this cinematic marvel; they pulled out all the stops.

Impressive car chase? Check.

Stunning CGI graphics? Check.

Affective soundtrack. Booming sound effects. Explosions! Check, check, check!

There was even a love angle to boot!

The dialogue was superb. Punchlines were delivered to the point and with so much pananché, cola almost shot through my nose. And I wasn't even drinking cola!

The actors' comedic timing was dead-on, they're funny without even trying to be. I am not so much a fan of physical comedy, and I immensely enjoyed this film's use of subtlety to illicit a laugh.

Of course, no movie is perfect, and you're bound to hit a snag every now and then, but these were forgivable. Some directors just cannot resist including a tear-jerker moment. I say, to each his own.

Over-all, one of the funniest films I've seen this year. You should go watch, for sure you'll enjoy it!

What do you mean, it wasn't a comedy?

Then why was I laughing so hard?



  1. and i quote joel mcvie "cue in EVIL LAFTIR!"

    BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! excellent....

  2. If you laughed hard watching it, I should catch it as soon as possible. I could use a good laugh these days.

  3. John Cusack and Amanda Peet? Yay! I last saw them on Identity, which is not a very good film since it has a lot of Psycho in it but since it's a Psych film, I enjoyed it. :)

    About 2012, I am not a fan of destruction end of the world themed movies so.. I think I will just wait for it to be released on DVD. Tapos Video City. Hehe. :)

  4. i'll never watch 2012 no matter how much they pay me. on second thought, 5k would be great. i'm cheap. :p

  5. who wouldn't laugh at the crazy idea being portrayed in 2012? i just can't imagine how we are able to think about such ideas when we are supposed to have faith in our God?

  6. yeah. the movie was really nice. one of the best films this year. grabe, pumila kami for an hour just to watch it. pero sulit naman kaya walang pagsisisi. hehe.

    this is the best punchline there: "The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity." nice diba?

  7. @ Jamie: Evil Laughter ba talaga? Hehe

    @ Victor: Umm... I think it takes a certain kind of mindset to be able to laugh at this film, so I don't recommend it, if you're depressed. :-D

    @ Vajarl: I liked Identity! It wasn't like the regular thrillers you see. I think I have a DVD of that film, but I don't remember whose it is. It was just left at my place, which is alright with me. hehe

    @ Andy: Well, I'm easily amused, so this movie was okay with me. Who wouldn't love to have a fix of disaster porn? hehe. I think I'd love that kind of job, to be paid to watch a movie, that would be really nice. If someone would pay me to watch those December local films, I might be persuaded to suffer them. I'll muster my gag reflex until after the film. :-)

    @ Raye: Well, Raye, some people doesn't have that belief in the first place. Some people also do not have a good grasp of physics and geology either. And it's a happy coincidence when that one person also happens to have the resources to produce a marvel of a film that depicts the end of days. hehe

    @ Poot: I'm really glad that I have an online account that eneables me to reserve my tickets online, so I wouldn't have to suffer hours in line just to watch a film. Too bad the system is localized in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu at the moment, so you'd still have to suffer the lines for some time. :-)

  8. Napanuod ko kase ang Psycho before Identity kaya ayun, but as I said before, I enjoyed it. Ang creepy nung bata. He reminded me of the boy in Birth, hindi ko sure kung yung batang yun din yung artista or magkamukha lang sila.

    Parang magkamukha naman lahat ng bata. Hahaha.

  9. ayos ang review. one of the year's best nga ang 2012! :D

  10. @ Vajarl: Hollywood seems to have an obsession with young creepy boys, who tend to become devil-incarnates. I'm not too sure if the Omen kid and the Identity kid are the same person, but the few clicks I made earlier informed me that the creepy little kid from Birth is part of New Moon's group of Italian vampires, and that same kid will star as Grindewald in Deathly Hallows.

    @ Scud: Hehe, thanks! I hope my review did justice to the film. :-)


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