Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Early Dismissal!

An HR personnel came to our part of the office around 4pm to announce that we can go home at 5pm, an hour earlier than our usual log-off of 6pm. This is due to the heavy rains that have started to pour as early as 2pm. Since the bosses have decided to meet outside, our part of the office errupted in merriment at the announcement. Once again, I was reminded of high school. Still any cause for celebration is always welcome.

Unfortunately, the flood waters outside is already shin-high, and the trike drivers outside have turned into rabid monsters charging 50 bucks on a ride to high ground. I am not one to go for the bait, so I have opted to stay in the office and wait for the flood waters to abate. sooner or later, it will subside. Besides, I'm already used to rendering overtime, staying here for a few more hours is not really an issue anymore.

What's bumming me isn't that I can't get home early, but rather, that I can't get to my books! For more than a week now, my wrapping paraphernalia has been spread on the floor of my room, waiting for the time that I finally reach for my cutter and splice that plastic wrapper into workable pieces. I've been in a buying frenzy as of late, and it galls me that I can't enjoy my current finds because I haven't yet performed that most important task of wrapping them in plastic. An hour early in going home might have prompted me to finally start my wrapping process.

But then, again, month-end reporting is at hand, and I probably wouldn't be able to attend to my books for some time.


  1. you always look busy. i believe you deserve some time to relax.

  2. Good luck sa wrapping process..

    Buwaya talaga yang mga pedicab driver na yan. Malunod sana sila sa baha kasama ng mga parak.. Etchoz!! :)

  3. wow. so many things to do and so little time. relax.

  4. @ Dong: Napansin ko rin, parang ang dami kong ginagawa. Ang nakaka-stress, parang walang natatapos. haha!

    @ Acrylique: Thanks, Acrylique for wishing me luck. I was able to wrap 5 books already. I have 4 more lined up. The rest can wait for next time. hehe

    Mahirap lunurin sa baha ang mga pedicab driver at parak, mga buwaya kasi, sanay sa tubig, amphibian.

    @ Lawstude: I agree with you... so little time, so much to do, at ang hirap mag-budget ng oras!

  5. hehe... alam mo bang sila ang dahilan ng traffic sa divisoria? mahilig kasi silang sumingit.

    Muli, isang magandang araw! Salamat sa pagbisita!

  6. OC ka pala sa books! Haha.

    Ako I read it right away, saka na coveran. Hahaha, excited lang.

  7. @ Angel: Yep, certified OC and bibliophile. And sometimes it takes too much effort to control myself to not read, like when HP7 was first published. Hehe

    @ Rcyan: Bawal naman kasi dapat ang tricycles and pedicabs sa major roads, pasaway lang talaga ang operators.

  8. talagang plinaplastic ang mga libro? waaaah! bilib ako shattershards!

    but i must say i prefer the touch and feel of an old book yellowed through time and plentiful re-readings. :D

  9. @ Deejay: Yup, kailangang naka-plastic ang mga libro, para hindi agad maluma. Ang libro kasi, pag hindi naalagaan, pumapangit ang amoy, pangit na ring basahin. The smell, for me, is part of the reading experience, at pag hindi maganda ang amoy ng libro (due to oxydation) hindi maganda ang pagbabasa. hehe


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