Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taking Flight

HE HAS ALWAYS ENVIED THE GULLS their flight; soaring high on feathered wings; gliding for hours, afloat on updrafts; and diving head-on to the water-- not a care in the world. Freedom in its most sublime.

Ever since he can remember, he has always equated freedom for flight; yearning for that magic moment of weightlessness and utter abandon. He craves for it, longing for that opportune time that he would finally earn it. He could not remember a time when he did not feel grounded, shackled on by responsibilities and commitments. But there is no time for resentment, for these burdens are but natural, and harboring those feelings would only ground him even more.

Still, he dreams of flight, watching longingly as flocks streak past overhead, tracing a path on the heavens; flirting with the wind; and dancing in the air. In the deepest of his desires, he sees himself at one with the gulls, afloat on the updrafts, caressing the clouds. This is his source of pleasure. This was his source of despair.

And it is this image of the gulls that was his solitary companion while hiking the steep rocks along the water's edge. The sound of crashing waves in the distance was like a balm, washing away his fatigue as he contiues his trek onward and upward. Just a little bit more and it will all be worth it.

At last, his goal. The view of the ocean was at once too beautiful and terrible to behold, like a massive blanket of liquid saphire, glinting against the afternoon sun, it seemed to go on forever, inviting yet elusive. He tried to breathe in the briny air, ecstatic at the sound of the gulls wecoming him back to their sactuary.

Gingerly, he took off his backpack to reveal the metal canister inside. Memories instantly collided with him, fighting their way out of the recesses from which he locked them, weakening him at the knees. Reluctantly, he opened the cylinder and slowly poured out its contents, letting the wind carry them to where the fates would take it. He recites one last prayer as the last of the ash make their way heavenward. An eternity of heartbeats and unshed tears passed before he could recover.

Standing up as if to leave, he was taken aback by the sudden whisper of his name. It was faint, like something coming out of a dream, but it was there. Over and over, the voice was calling out to him, like a siren's call carried by the wind, beckoning him to come closer.

He lingered at the precipice, taking everything in; breathing it like the crisp, salty air caressing his face, blowing at his hair. Raising his arms as if to fly, he favors the cliff one last look before closing his eyes, and tipping to the brim.

And for the first time in his life, he felt what is was like to be free.


  1. I like this piece!! That's why I love mountain hikes I feel so light and free when I reach the top, iba yung breeze ng air and the clouds seemed so close you could touch them. Total Bliss!!

    ANyway felt there some sad moments in your post, particularly when he opened the cylinder.. :)

  2. Thanks sa comment, Homer! That image just flashed in my mind on my way home nung Friday, and I just had to write it down. Oo, may pagka-sad nga yung post. hehe

    You're right, no matter how hard the climb, when you reach the peak, it really is infinitely rewarding.

  3. i felt sad about this. i guess he is free now.

  4. @ Lawstude: People have different conceptions of how it is to be free, I guess that was his notion.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Kaya gusto ko maging saranggola. :)

    matitikman ko ang ulap.

  6. @ Acrylique: Lasa kayang cotton candy ang mga ulap? hehe

  7. Freedom is best felt when you are above the sky!

    Sana, magawa ko ring magkaroon ng mga pakpak. Para naman makita ko kung gaano kaliit ang mundo sa ibabaw ng mga lupa.

    Then, I can think of the many possibilities that this life will bring.

    Thanks for commenting to my post. I love this entry of yours! (^^,)

    --Rcyan M.

  8. it somehow reminds me of jonathan livingston seagull. very well written.

  9. Very well captures the different sadnesses of letting go. It's a good piece. Ü

  10. @ Rcyan: There's nothing like a change in perspective to make you realize life's many possibilities. Here's to our dreams of flight!

    @ Dong: I haven't read that book yet. Wala kasi siya sa required reading noong high school. haha!

    Thanks Dom! :-)

    @ Angel: Letting go is one step towards freedom. Thanks Angel!

  11. You should see this. :)

  12. @ Ken: It just goes to show that there are no more original stories, only new interpretations of an old story. hehe

    Thanks for the link, Ken!

  13. Ang galing ng video noh? Hehe. Naaliw ako. Haha!

  14. Yep, ang galing nung animation. Nakaka-aliw yung kiwi! :-)

  15. freedom is quite subjective. youll never be able to define freedom unless you have already experienced it. :)

  16. @ Cruxrifter: True One's definition of freedom will differ from one person to the other, and would vary in degrees.

    Thanks for visiting!

  17. naalala ko na naman ang eli stone. you should watch the first episode, shattershards. :D tama si ken, apt na apt yung kiwi animation. i actually imagined it in my head reading your story.

    loved the piece. *thumbs up*

  18. @ Deejay: Hey there@ Nice to see you in my hobbit hole. I'm not familiar with Eli Stone, tugkol saan yung series?

    Yep, natuwa talaga ako sa kiwi nung pinadala sa akin ni Ken yung link.

    Thanks sa compliment!

  19. I can definitely relate to the guy in your post. There's been many moments when the stress in our office makes me just want to jump off the cliff to be free of it all. Wait, I think that's a different kind of freedom altogether, hehe.

    Nice blog by the way! =)

  20. @ Andy: Thanks, Andy! Freedom is subjective anyways. But don't try jumping off a cliff (or an office window) just to be free of work. hehe.

    Thanks for visiting!


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