Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holiday Lethargy

Despite my denials, and my continued whinings about it, I am a schedule-bound person. The amount of effort I put in anything I do is proportional to the urgency of said affair in my narrow circle of priorities. I don't consider myself goal-oriented, as my ultimate goal is to be able to do nothing but not be subject to the indignity of dying of starvation because I don't have money to spend. Selfish, I know, but there it is. I want a simple life of luxuries with no regard for accounting, but since this simple dream is not possible, I work. And bind myself to schedules.

This is the reason why I hate holidays. Holidays are the worst disruptors of schedules, cutting briskly to a halt everything you have prepared the entire week, and bringing your momentum down to a simmering pool of inactivity. Yesterday, I spent the whole day lying in bed, half awake and trying adrently to raise myself up. I failed spectacularly. Only after I received an sms verifying if I would continue with an appointment did I have the needed motivation to get up and move.

Today is another of those days. I still haven't gone up out of bed, and it's already 1pm. The lethargy from yesterday has brought about this infuriating inactivity upon me. I was supposed to go somewhere today (to work, actually) but I still cannot muster the necessary drive to do so. Even my room is suffering from this debilitating disease. I haven't picked up a single clutter in so long, the whole place is becoming more and more like a pigsty, minus the mud, thankfully. The mind and body is in limbo, due to my lack of anything concrete to stand on. I just hate it.

And still, I'm in my room, lying on my bed, and dreaming of the unfinished works I have left behind for another day.


  1. i feel this sometimes. Pag nasa house ako I can't seem to move my body, usually nagpapaka-couch potato na lang ako. It's different talaga when i'm out mas productive ako..

  2. Unlike you, I miss holidaying on holidays. Six years of working for a call centre ba naman eh. Wahaha. Hopefully all these will change in the next months. :D

    Enjoyed reading your posts. Ü

  3. @ Homer: I'm a recovered couch potato. Before, I can tell you the day of the week and the time of the hour just by looking at the programs on TV. But it's been years since I was last addicted to the tube, and somehow, I don't miss it. Tama, mas productive talaga when outside the house.

    @ Angel: Whoa! Six years sa call center? The same company, or have you been hopping?
    Hmmm... wondering what those changes might be. hehe.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Six years in the same company, can you imagine? But I'll be resigning in July na. Will try my luck in Singapore. ; )

    Always great to visit your nice bloggie.

  5. @ Angel: Wow! Best of luck in Singapore! I have officemates who've tried their luck there, thankfully, they're doing good. But they admit that there is discrimination, especially with Pinays. It's as if they see Pinays as only either domestic help or prostitute. My officemates have learned to exert their opinions, and to power dress to combat this. hehe


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