Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shirking Responsibilities: Shang

I bailed out from rendering overtime and accompanying an officemate yesterday in order to watch a movie. I was trying to rest my eyes from work by browsing on the internet when I chanced upon an article about the French Film Festival. The movies are for free. Immediately, I texted some friends, asking them if they are interested.

EyviCat and Gentle responded to the affirmative, so we agreed to meet at the Edsa Shangri-La for the movie. I was at the place at around 7pm; the movie will start by 8. But when I got to the ticket booth, an unassuming sign brought despair to my heart: There are no more tickets to the movie we were supposed to watch. As an addendum to that disheartening sign was another note stating that tickets were to be dispensed 2 hours before the scheduled screening. My being an hour early therefore was nothing, for the tickets have run out an hour before I got there. Disappointed, I informed Gentle and EyviCat of the unfortunate incident.

Seeing as we already took the effort to travel to Shangri-La (EyviCat and I came from Makati, Gentle, from Mandaluyong) it would be a waste of effort if we decide to just go home. We agreed to have dinner in the area instead. While waiting for the two of them to get to the area, I entertained myself by going to the bookstore. Good thing there was a nearby Powerbooks, and though their selection was rather slim, it was enough to while the time away, sifting through books and browsing those that have caught my interest. I was able to add another book (or five) to my mental list of books to buy.

At last, dinner. We spent some time deciding on where to eat. The Mall was filled with establishments that I want to try, but those said establishments are also full of customers. I have no patience with the waiting list. After circling the area for food, we decided to dine at the Green Tomato. Incidentally, this was also the first restaurant that EyviCat recommended as good in the area.

With our original plan thwarted, and lacking the drive to establish new plans, we decided to go home after the dinner. I was home at around 11pm. I'm no longer used to going home early.



  1. wow ayus to ah! are the films still showing??

  2. @ Homer: Hanggang 14 pa yata yung Festival. Pero di ko pa sigurado ang schedule ko for next week, kaya goodluck kung makapanood ako. hehe

    Check mo sa clickthecity dot com yung filming schedule.

  3. yikes! that's too bad... i love french movies probably because of "amelie". nagaabang nga ako lagi ng french flicks sa star movies every night...hehe!

    disorder daw yun eh. i forgot the exact medical term. i read it from kalansay collector's blog. you get depressed whenever it rains and you feel down and crave for sweets and food and in turn you gain weight. masaya ako kapag naulan kasi hindi mainit! hehe!

  4. movie trip astig! tagal ko na hindi nakakapag movie marathon.

    pareho pala tayong walang pasensya pumila. hehehe...

  5. @ Lucas: Yeah, too bad about the film. Sana may maabutan pa ako by next week, hanggang June 14 pa naman sila e.

    @ Dong: Okay nga sana ang movie trip, sakaling natuloy. Try again na lang next weekend. hehe

    Dyahe kasi ang pumila, ang daming nasasayang na oras.

  6. sayang naman. dati gusto ko yung nanunuod ng mga movies na di ko naiintindihan eh eh. yung may mga sub-titles, kaso minsan kulang na rin sa oras talaga because of work. anyways, have a nice day to u.

  7. ahh.. yes, the numerous beautiful sights we saw there.. haha!!

    the roasted veggie soup was great. :)

  8. movie tripper? i love watching movies, too. although, mas gusto ko na may feedback muna bago ko siya panoorin to make sure it's worthy of my money. rcyan, signing in. (^^,)

  9. @ Lawstude: OO, sayang talaga yung last Saturday. Try na lang ako this weekend. Wala raw pasok sa Friday, so I might vernture to Shang again. hehe

    @ Gentle: Yep, kasama naman talaga ang sightseeing whenever we go places. Cheers!

    @ Rcyan: Yep, I love movies! Minsan nga I go and watch films by myself. Pero sometimes, hit or miss, may magaganda, mayroon din namang lemons. Pero enjoy naman. hehe

  10. Uy, salamat sa pagdaan! (^^,)

    Talaga? Naku, ibig sabihin n'yan mukang maliit ang tsansa kong makakita ng fireflies... Sayang.

    Gusto ko talagang makakita nun!

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to your next entry.

    Good day!

  11. OMG, as in HOMAYGWAD!!!! I should go there!! Salamat sa update!

  12. yeah..that's one of the disadvantages of living in the city.

    pareho pala tayo. i'm always fascinated by the stars esp when i was a kid. pero kahit ngayon it's still nice to look at them. it somehow brings me back to the young days when everything is so much simpler...

    thanks, again :) well, i'm always nostalgic.

  13. envy! envy!


  14. @ Rcyan: You'll get to see those fireflies, one of these days. Here's to hoping! :-)

    @ Acrylique: Kumusta, were you able to watch any of the featured films? Ako kasi hindi, was struck my lethargy. hehe

    @ Lucas: True, the stars are always nice to look at, especially when you're lying on a secluded beach, and you see a whole array of stars blanketing you, while in the distance, the waves are lulling you to sleep. It just feels so safe and relaxing...

    @ Nobe: Nothing to be envious about, Nobe, I wasn't able to watch any of the films. *sigh*

    Thanks for visiting my site, by the way!

  15. i hate it. Le Pianist was sold out. like wtf. it was really late kasi and i guess some people who were really bored strolling decided on watching a free film


  16. @ Herbs: I feel you. Kami rin, naubusan ng ticket. Who would've thought that French films would sell out here in the metro? When I attended the Spanish Filmfest sa Greenbelt a few years back, halos walang tao sa cinema. Mind you, the ticket was only 25 pesos, I think.

  17. I looked forward too deeply on seeing the french film fest but much to my dismay i got sick during the whole period of the event. To think that I could have spent my vacation (since my school announced a 10-day suspension due to influenza a (h1n1), I should really have made the most out of that 10 days.

    I even won a special movie pass valid for one day from I was notified June 11, then I claimed it at their office June 12. After which, I went to Shang to see if I can catch the 8:00 show (Independencia) but I got struck with the same sign you saw.

    The ticket was supposed to be a four-movie jackpot last June 13, but unfortunately, it was the time when I have to go to a hospital for a checkup.

    The day after, June 14, the final day of french film fest, however bad my cough was--albeit I was somehow recovering--I went to the event and watched Un Secret. I had with me a lot of menthol-flavored candies to soothe my throat and prevent myself from coughing a lot or loudly. Good thing I survived.

    At least my regret on not seeing a number of the featured films was lessened by seeing one.

    On the 15th french film fest, I have to make sure that I can watch more. Grrr.

  18. @ Jonell: That is just too bad, getting sick during vacation. More so, because you weren't able to exploit the special movie pass you've won. But hey, at least you didn't fall victim of the a(h1n1) virus. I know, it doesn't seem much of a consolation.

    Thanks for visiting my hobbit hole!


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