Friday, July 3, 2009

The Bibliophile Cries Blood!

I am a bit obsessive-compulsive about stuff, and I can sense if my things have been touched by other hands, which is not to say that my room is sparkling clean and impeccable; quite the opposite, really; but I know my mess, and I know when some other people have messed around with my stuff.

I came home from work to my empty room. Nothing extraordinary about that. But only after a few minutes upon entering, I notice some things that are amiss. I saw that the drawer of my study table was askew, evidencing that it was recently opened but was not properly closed. I'm not too bothered, because there isn't anything to be coveted in there, mostly papers and other paraphernalia that are valuable only to me, and only through sentimentality. I have a nasty habit of collecting receipts, calling cards, bus tickets and movie tickets and they all go in that drawer to mingle with credit card bills and other sundry items.

Seeing my bookshelf was another matter altogether, though. Somebody had the temerity to go about my books and steal one of them! This culprit even had the gall to take one of the books that I haven't even read!

Still in its vacuum seal and as fresh as the day I bought it from Powerbooks' bargain bin (two Christmases ago), I placed this book on the shelf to remind myself to buy more plastic cover. I have made it a point to never read any of my books until I have covered it in plastic, but as much as I want to read them in the order in which I bought them, some books demand to be prioritized and moved up the list, to the detriment of others.

But who in this limited household is the red-handed book thief? Had it been some other stuff missing, I would automatically cast the blame on my younger sister, for she does have the history of rummaging through my things and never returning it. But this is a book we're talking about, and my sister is all but allergic to reading. I remember buying her a Sorcerer's Stone paperback only to find out two months later that she never even touched it. My elder sister was actually egging her to read the book, and it came to the point that my younger sister cried a tantrum so as not to be forced to read it further. I also bought her a copy of The Secret Garden for her school project, but I ended up the one enjoying the book. I doubt if she even so much as smelled it.

My mom, on the other hand, loves to read, but her current fare consists of self-help, inspirational and business books. I even gave her my two Robert Kiyosaki~s for I know she would enjoy it. Fiction is not really her thing; she even advised me to stop investing on fiction, but there is just no stopping me.

My elder sister, upon the other hand (yes, there are three hands, I am a mutant), share my taste in books. What she lacks is my passion for it, and my disregard for budgets when it comes to buying books. It isn't in my nature to borrow books, but I don't mind lending my collection, which suits her perfectly. She used to borrow some of my books and I can only cringe in horror when I see my books, my beloved children, opened wide and face down on her bed, with the spine accumulating lines and creases from the tension of it being folded upon itself. I remember employing the help of several large bull clips just to remedy the damage inflicted upon that book. Buying books second hand has given me the creativity to somehow salvage the books and return it into a more presentable condition. But my elder sister isn't the type to just barge in on my room and take whatever she fancies. And it has been years since she last borrowed any of my books.

Still, I'm bothered about the loss of my precious. I can't make out who in their proper minds would steal from me, and Lynne Truss, of all authors! Even though she has a massive following in the US and Europe, I am not in the opinion that she is that accessible here. This puzzle, combined with the theft, perplexes me so. I am mad at the crime performed against me, and I am intrigued as to the choice of the perpetrator.

Still, a crime is a crime, and someone has to pay.

I'm out for blood!


  1. are you planning to confront them? :)

    this reminds me of The Book Thief.

  2. @ Narnian: I've confronted my sister, or rather, I barged in on her room, and found my book there, that rascal.

    I haven't read the Book Thief yet. Is it good?

  3. omg!

    who could it be? definitely not little big sister, i think.

  4. @ Gentle: Oh, 'twas her. Saw the book at her room this morning, with the wraping still intact.

  5. i confess. i stole your lynne truss. so what are you going to do now? huhlolz!

    you have an impeccable literary taste. like you, i am also a bibliophile. but not so much as a voracious reader as when i still had the luxury of time. now, all my hands can lay on are boorish accounting textbooks and reviewers. pfft!

    this blog's a nice read. i think i will be back for more. nice meeting you shattershards!

  6. Most probably Qualified Theft yan, since it happened in your household. Paimbestigahan natin. Hehe!!

    whew you're really one OC! btw first time to hear the author. will check him out when I got the chance to visit powerbooks.

  7. :-) much like a dialogue from "Bourne" ...I am also fond of books...fiction too. Had some collections but was lost eventually. I had read a fiction about 18 years ago and lately I bought the DVD too. Like you, I like books...

  8. This is the reason why I always lock my room. I'm selfish that way. I can't stand other people rummaging through my stuff. Ehehe.

  9. @ Lio: Obviously, I'm gonna retaliate where it hurts the most, fellow bibliophile -- I'll rearrange your book collection! Science and religion will mingle with history and fiction, and a book or two (or ten) might probably end up missing. hehe

    Let the reviewers and accounting books worry about themselves, or you might end up burnt out before October. Chillax!

    Likewise, it was nice stumbling upon your place, Lio!

    @ Homer: Wala bang graver offence, attoney? Yung may naka-pataw na parusang bitay? hehe. Yeah, I sometimes go overboard with my OC-ness.

    Look for "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss, it's hillarious!

    @ Olay: Ain't it sad, loosing your favorite books? I have quite a few that were never returned to me. Problem is, I forgot who borrowed them. Which novel and movie is this? I have some as well, my fondest of which is LOTR. hehe

    @ Andy: I'd love to lock my room as well, but I haven't yet found the time to buy me some new door knobs. I'm lazy that way. The reason why my room is dirty right now is because I wouldn't want anyone touching my stuff. I'd rather clean everything myself, but I don't have the time. hehe

  10. Hala. Sino nga kaya. Nawawala rin yung 5 pairs of socks ko at 3 briefs. Damn! Mag-isa lang ako sa bahay.

  11. @ Acrylique: Baka may stalker ka na kumuha sa mga underwear mo. Ingat ka sa mga ganiyan...

  12. That sucks. Really. I'd kill for my boooooks! Haha! Even if it would entail losing my family. Lol. I kid! :))

  13. @ Ken: True. I had a temper tantrum that night when I realized that the book was gone. The next morning, I saw it in my little sister's room. What's annoying is that I asked her the night before if she'd gone to my room and she denied it. Doesn't it make you want to write obituaries and see to it that they come true? ;-)

  14. gosh, i can feel your wrath oozing from out here. haha!


  15. OMG. i should hide..! HAHAHA kakatakot ung last sentence :(

  16. hmmm. easy lang muna. pag di na-solve yan. karma katapat nyan.

  17. @ Nobe: I just had to release all that anger and spite. I've learned that it isn't good bottling it up. hehe

    @ Cruzrifter: If you were the one who took my stuff, THEN you should hide. Haha!

    @ Lawstude: Na-solve na siya, yung little sister ko ang kumuha, but she's not giving me any reason why she took it. At least, bumalik na yung libro, so all is well. hehe.

  18. takte, ako rin! nawawala yung the hobbit ko! and just when the movie is now in the works.

  19. @ Victor: Oo nga, magkakaroon nga ng movie ang The Hobbit. Nasa hiraman din yung copy ko, pero thankfully, marunong magbalik yung humiram.

  20. parang gusto kong pasukin ang kwarto ni shattershards para lang guluhin ang mga libro nya at alisin ang mga plastic wrapping (gasp!) i've found my mission in life. muhahaha! :P

    i'm into books too, but lately, i can't find myself appreciating any contemporary stuff. i'm gravitating toward my fave classics. wonder why. :D

  21. @ Deejay: Waah!! Deejay, how could you?! Hindi ko akalaing matitiis mo akong nakikitang naghihinagpis.

  22. Who would have the audacity to dare steal someone's precious book? Horrors! Such a heinous crime must not go unpunished! ;p

  23. @ Irene: True! Such a crime is unforgivable.

  24. hmmm sino naman kaya kumuha nun? once again, hindi ako familiar sa author. hehehe!nandyan lang siguro sa bahay niyo. akala ko sa school lang may nkawan ng libro..hahaha!

  25. @ Lucas: Yung younger sister ko ang kumuha, pero di niya ako binibigyan ng concrete reason kung bakit niya ginawa. Anyways, the important thing is I recovered my book. hehe

    Okay si Lynne Thruss! You should check out her bestseller: Eats, Shoots and Leaves (with a Panda on the cover), it's hilarious! It's a book about punctuation, pero the way she relayed her ideas was REALLY funny.


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