Sunday, July 12, 2009

The PC from Purgatory

This is my office desktop. I've got one of the nicer monitors around, as the old monitor I was using kept changing colors while I'm using it. At it's greatest, the old monitor would turn pink, then yellow, then pink again, before bombarding me with static. After five minutes or so, it would return to normal. But I know my eyes wont. Thus, I was awarded a new monitor, along with two others, whose monitors turn blue.

Unfortunately, My new set up is just for show. Sure, the monitor is brand new, with its protective film still intact, but this shiny new toy is connected to one of the most ancient CPUs in the office. It has become normal to me to see a popup warning me of my computer's virtual memory running low, even when I only have my email, a couple of excel files and our accounting program running.

Lately, my computer has been bugging with its constant hang ups. Just the other day, the damned thing took 5 whole minutes to process an excel command I executed. And I only had two files running that time. Our MIS has advised me to clear my PC of old files so it could be more efficient. I have been doing that for the past month, starting with temporaty files and proceeding with dump files and personal files.

Tinkering with my PCs memory revealed to me that the PC I am using has been working longer than I have. I encountered files dating back as early as 1996, and whole folder files and back-up files from 2001 up to the present. I am hard-pressed to delete these, as they are working files, and should the hard copies be lost, these would be the last remaining evidence that some shmuck from ten years ago started some work that I am now continuing.

Personal files also abound in this PC, most of it saved by former employees who have gone on to better opportunities outside. I have no qualms in deleting these, but some stuff deserve a second, even a third look, before they face oblivion. I have saved a couple of these files, for posterity, like this video:

I guess they really like umbrellas.


  1. Congrashuleyshuns for the new monitor!

    The best talaga kapag jurrasic ang monitor sakit sa bangs! :) buti flat panel na rin dito sa ofis. hehe

  2. ano pa kaya yung ibang "personal files" na yon?

    meron bang naiwang "pornsonal files"? LOL! :P

  3. @ Acrulique: Thanks! Matagal ko ring hinintay ang monitor na iyan. Haha! Kaso, sana, palitan na rin yung CPU. hahahaha!

    @ Deejay: Walang porn e, sayang. Naba-block kasi ng firewall namin. hahaha!

  4. My PC monitor in our office works fine, but the one here in our house sucks like shit. It also changes to a pinkish hue every so often. And it's loaded with gamma rays so it's quite painful to look at. I get eye strain consistently.

  5. @ Andy: Invest in a new monitor already! In heard the prices of LCD monitors have gone down.

  6. Congrats to you! hehe!! ;) Kaso mas maganda nga kung pati CPU hehe!!

    So anung laman nung ibang files? hehe!! :D

  7. @ Homer: Thanks! Oo, dapat talaga pati yung CPU pinalitan. haha!

    Mostly pictures of former employees from five years back, outdated mp3s, some ppt and wmv files. There was one video showing a Radical Islam group beheading one of their captives. That video was circulated a few years back, I guess.

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  9. we have to change PC every year. PC's to day are cheap but they don't last long anymore.


  10. @ Nobe: True. Most PCs nowadays are disposable.


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