Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Road to Anawangin

FRIDAY: It's already 7pm and I'm still at the office. Today was my auditor's last day, and he's still not done with me. He's compiling his working papers for turnover to the next auditor that would handle my account. We've been at it since 11am, and he's chosen to seat beside me to further enable the transfer of information. I have been nursing a headache ever since that time, getting only a few minute's respite for lunch and afternoon snack. All the while, I'm thinking that in just a few hours, I would be on a bus going to paradise. It did help ease the tension a bit, but my headache just wont abate.

Finally, by 8pm, I was able to get out of the office. I rushed home to continue my packing for my trip. 11pm is looming near, and it was taking all of my will not to panic. It will only worsen my headache.

9pm, and I'm on a bus along Buendia that would take me to Monumento. I opted for this ride so I could sleep along the way. I was deathly wrong with my decision. It was already 10.30 and we've only just passed Cubao. I received a message from Sagi, telling me that Balintawak was a mess, and I wouldn't be able to make it if I continue with the bus ride. I alighted from the bus along Trinoma and rode a taxi going to Monumento, instructing the driver to steer clear of Balintawak. I arrived at the station by 11.30. I am late.

Thankfully, the last trip for the night hasn't left yet, so the group boarded this in lieu of the other bus which we had reservations for. At last, I can continue with my sleep. We arrived at San Antonio, Zambales by 3 am.

SATURDAY: The group headed out by 4.30am in order to get to the Cove early. They will be taking the scenic route via Pundaquit.

Two of our number opted to stay and get more sleep take care of the baggage and the food we will be buying from the local market. My companion and I arrived at Anawangin via pumpboat to meet the rest of the group on the shore.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around, pitching tents, cooking the food, swimming, and of course, whoring ourselves in front of the camera.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with underwater shots.


  1. eee did is so nice, how much did it cost you to get there?

  2. There were 11 of us. We spent less than 1,500 per head, all in.

    We didn't go to the "gated" areas where most overnighters stay, that would cost another 50-150 per head. We just camped outside of the fenced area, so we didn't have to pay for admition. Hehe

  3. saya talaga sa anawangin. walang hindi natutuwa pag nakapunta ng anawangin.

    wow! P1500 is really cheap.

  4. Hey!

    Talaga bang antok na antok ka? Ahaha, kidding!

    The underwater shot is so nice.
    And it looks like Anawangin is a very solemn beach, is it?

  5. @Dong: yup, ang saya talaga sa Anawangin. Pinaka-gusto kong factor yung walang signal. 2 days akong hindi naistorbo ng trabaho.

    Yep, we travel cheap. hehehe

    @Dylan: Oo, antok talaga ako. Pinaka-mabisang panlaban sa sakit ng ulo ang matulog. Haha!

    The beach is quiet and peaceful during early mornings and at sunset. Kaso lang the place is getting too well-known, ang dami na ring tao nung pumunta kami. Still, not as crowded as Boracay. hehe

  6. hahaha... ganda nga pag walang signal. pwedeng pwede ka pala maging backpacker.

  7. parang ang konti lang ng tao ano... i hate crowded beaches. hehe!

    the 3rd pic looked gloomy? or sa camera lang?

    but anyway, the place looks beautiful. hope i could have my vacation soon...:)

    how were you able to take underwater shots? binalot sa plastic yung cam? ahehe!

    Goodbyes are one of the saddest things we are doomed to endure. But the operative word is "endure", meaning, we can survive it, and we can be stronger because of it.--very well said :) we are survivors!

    pain is bound to pass, sometimes a little sooner than we expect.

  8. @ Dong: Hmmm... backpacking... pwede siguro, kaso paminsan-minsan, nakaka-miss din ang gumamit ng maayos na kasilyas. Hahaha!

    @ Lucas: Kumpara sa ibang beach, kauinti pa ng tao sa Anawangin, kasi makakakuha ka pa ng picture na mukhang walang ibang tao sa lugar kung hindi kayo lang. hehe

    Sa camera lang siguro gloomy, at siguro sa lighting. It was around 7am nung marating ng mga kasama ko yung area overlooking the Cove. Hindi pa nasisinagan ng araw yung area.

    May water-proof packing yung camera nung kasama namin, kaya nakakakuha kami ng underwater shots. Aliw ng yung camera e, lumulutang sa tubig. haha!


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