Monday, March 16, 2009

Perspectives: On Burgers and Health

"You should really savor that burger you're eating", said the stranger we were sharing a table with, "some day, you wouldn't be able to enjoy it anymore."

EyviCat and I met Sunday afternoon to have lunch at the Legazpi Park Sunday market. Having been unable to resist the kare-kare served at their place, EyviCat just bought dimsum to accompany me, while I had a grilled quarter-pounder. It was only my second choice as lunch, as the paella I was craving for had already sold out before we even got there. My nonchalance over my second choice probably showed, for the person we were sharing tables with couldn't help but comment on my attitude.

He piqued my interest at that time, seating at the other end of the table, eating tamarinds fresh from the shell. I asked him how come he can no longer enjoy his burgers. He said he suffers from acid influx whenever he eats patties. He was heavy-set, but not fat, and I think he rather enjoyed his food during his youth. And seeing me not enjoying what I was eating seemed like a crime to him, especially that he himself can no longer enjoy something as commonplace for me as a burger.

This has got me thinking: what else have I taken for granted just because they are readily accessible to me? I can't dwell on the specifics right now, but I guess I have a general idea. Whatever. After that small conversation, the burger I was eating did seem to become more appetizing and more filling.

Sometimes, we just need a new perspective for us to appreciate the little things we have...


  1. bawal na siyang kumain ng burger???! WOAH... i love burgers! yan ang ultimate comfort food ko kasama ng coffee. that's really sad.

    i agree in what you said. things become so common that we tend to take significant things for granted.

    oo nga noh? i like her because she reminds me of someone...ahehe.

    it's normal for coffee to make us palpitate, pero pareho tayo. inaantok ako minsan. i think mataas na yung tolerance natin sa caffeine kaya kelangan large or doses or medyo matagal para umepekto yung stimulating effect. hehe!

  2. @ Lucas: Yep, burger has become bad for his health na. He becomes hyperacidic pag kumakain ng pattie, or processed meats. Scary thought no, being unable to enjoy food?

    Hmm.. who could this someone be? hehehe..

    Sa akin, ayun talaga ang effect ng coffee since before. Nakakatulog talaga ako.

    Have you tried Figaro's coffee? They use Kapeng Barako. Sarap! ;-)

  3. hindi ako madalas sa mga coffee shops. hehe! kaya hindi pa. sarap mag-kape, naulan dito..hehe! baka naman antukin ka lang tlaga, mate? hehe! kidding!



    yeah. very sad. i can't imagine my life without burgers...:|

  4. @ Lucas: I like Figaro more than Starbucks. hehe. Well, antukin ako sa umaga. Insomniac kasi. haha!

  5. things we do all the time tend to lose their meaning. when things become too automatic, that's when problems start. I don't know if it applies here. LOL.

  6. @ Narnian: Yeah, when things become too regular, it looses its value for us. Burger or not, whenever a thing becomes too familiar, its importance to us somehow deminishes.

    Thanks for visiting my site!


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