Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Return to Anawangin

If all goes well (and I sure hope it does), I will be on my way to Zambales by Friday night. And by Saturday morning, I will once again see those calm, clear waters and that beach with a quaint mixture of black and white sands. I would like to believe that I have earned this chance to unwind after the roller-coaster ride that is work.

I'm eagerly awaiting this chance to once again be one with nature and be in communion with friends. Not to mention this perverted longing to be out of touch with the Metropolis for a whole weekend, doing away with cellphone signals and the convenience of fast food.

More than anything, I will take this opportunity to finally assess where I stand and make my own decisions, away from the opinions of most involved parties. Indecision has wrecked my inner peace for quite so
me time, alternating between staying or going. I wish to resolve this bisected stance once and for all, and a weekend outside my set comfort zones might do the trick, especially now that I am given a myriad of opportunities I would be foolish enough to once again let pass.

I still haven't prepared for this trip. We're leaving Friday night, but I still haven't the slightest hint of what I should be bringing. I haven't even started to pack. If I'm not careful, I will once again be caught unawares, and will be packing -- and over-packing -- at the last minute.

With trips like this one on the agenda, I'm really wishing I had a decent camera with which to capture the majesty of this jewel of sand, sea and sky.


  1. dont miss dropping by capones island. that's one of my favorite island in terms of rock formations and landscape. try not to miss hiking one of its hills. you'll be surprised of the view.

  2. hindi pa ako nakakapunta dun pero mukhang maganda nga..hays..sarap mag-summer vacation!

    enjoy your trip mate. you deserve it. this is an opportunity to unwind. leave the numebers behind for awhile...

    indecisive din ako madalas. i hate that feeling...


    God bless.


    nabasa mo pa yun? wow...ang tagal na nun ah..i can't even remember kung tungkol saan yun..hehe!

    but anyway, the last post was about lucas...siya yung bida sa libro na para kay b na katatapos ko lang basahin :)

    si ricky lee ang author. sila pa lang ni bob ong ang fil author na nabasa ko.hehe!

  3. i have never been there but i have been to capones island with dong ho. have a safe trip and we will await your feature on the island. take care.

  4. Good luck and God bless on your trip!

    Great time to chillax and have a "me" time, hehe.. Kailangan yan, lalo na kung workaholic ka..;)

    Hope we can hear more from your trip then.. cheers! Congratz pala nanalo ka sa contest ni Dong Ho ha!

  5. @ Jaime: Yeah, I loved Anawangin when we went there last year. And I don't think I'll tire or going there.

    @ Dong: I'll try to keep that in mind. Another friend told me that Capones is good nga raw. Hopefully, the tide is in our favor pagpunta namin. Mahirap daw ang trek papuntang light house pag low tide.

    @ Lucas: Thanks, Luke, I'll savor this trip talaga. Baka kasi ito na ang last trip ko before April 15. After this trip, it will be crunch time. Circus na naman kami.

    Akala ko talaga you're writing a letter to yourself. hehe

    @ Lawstude: Thanks, Lawstude! Only gonna be my second time sa Anawangin. The last time, wala sa aming may dala ng camera, isa lang ang may camera phone.

    Parang na-pressure naman ako, mag-expect ba ng feature?! Haha! Buti na lang, my mountaneer friends take good photos. Yung shots na lang nila ang ipo-post ko. haha!

    @ Dylan: Thanks, Dylan, we, too, are looking for a safe, enjoyable trip. Yeah, kailangan nga talaga ng "me" time, kasi circus na naman pagbalik ko. haha!

    Yeah, ang galing nga, nanalo ako. haha!

  6. hi shattershards, please connect me thru email for the claiming of the prize. thanks. just send me an email at i.dongho@gmail.com

  7. ahehe...nagkataong ang pangalan niya eh alias ko dito sa blogosphere. hehe!

    nako sulitin mo yan para naman rejuvenated ka kapag nagsisirko ka na ulit sa work..hehe!

    keep safe.

  8. Magkatunog eh, lolz. Di ba mas matindi yung di alam ang pakay sa lugar..ahaha!

    Hope you enjoy your trip then, and it will be a memorable one. ;)
    Hmm, kailangan ko rin ata nito..ahaha!

    H'wag mo muna isipin yung circus, it will worry on its own.

  9. @ Dom: Thanks, Dom. Malamang next week ko na kunin yung prize ko. hehe

    @ Lucas: Baka naman Ricky Lee is writing about you writing about someone. haha!

    Your post "Deciphering.." was about a water color painting that somehow reminded you of a friend whom you've somehow lost. Ibinalik pa nga niya yung librong sinulat mo para sa kaniya. (hehe, makialam ba sa buhay ng iba...)

    @ Dylan: Oo nga, magkatunog sila. haha!

    Yeah, enjoy ito, may kasama pang trip sa palengke. hehe

    I'm trying not too worry too much. Cheers!

  10. ahhh..i see..kaya pala...naungkat mo pala ang isang post ng aking masalimuot na lablayp..hehe!

    kaya nga ako natuwa dun sa libro na yun. nagsulat din kasi ako ng libro. binalik nga lang sakin. hehe!

    malay mo, ako nga talaga yung lucas na yun. hahaha! :P


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