Monday, March 30, 2009

Anawangin Photos

Here are some shots from the group of our trip to Anawangin.

Photos from this set came from Sagi, Narra and Blue. Earlier photos I posted came from Mac.

Pit Stop on their trek going to Anawangin via Mt Punaquit

View of Anawangin Cove from Mt Pundaquit

Going down, one is greeted by a stream that runs just at the back of the Cove

Sunsets at the Cove are a thing of beauty


  1. i just love sunsets! and look at that sun. it was so red. excited na tuloy ako makapagbakasyon!

    waaaaa gusto ko ng ganung cam! nalutang ba kamo? ang saya nga niyan... :D

  2. Hindi nga kasing ganda ng sunset from the last time na pumunta kami, kasi the sun was obscured by clouds, kaya wala kaming picture of the sun touching down over the horizon.

    But still, maganda pa rin yung mga kuha. hehe

    Yep, lumulutang sa tubig ang cam. Aliw talaga. hehe.

  3. wonder if you saw a group of guys in a tent city and a blond caucasian lady while you were there. :)

  4. There were caucasians about near to where we were camping. They belonged to this large group with numerous tents. They even brought their own gas range and professional-looking cook set. Plus, they have a larbrador retreiver on tow.

  5. what used to be a secret paradise is now one big popular destination. a friend of mine shared to me how it looked with so many people. what's good is you were able to capture it without the crowd.

    in this set, i particularly like the third to the last photo.

  6. @ Dong: Oo nga, marami na talagang tao sa Cove, mostly day-swimmers, umaalis din by the afternoon.

    Most shots were taken early morning and at dusk, when there are the least people about.


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