Friday, March 13, 2009

Addictions: A Cup of Black Sin

I knew from the first sip that it was a wrong idea. But the bitter-sweet aroma wafting to my nose was just too hard to let pass. Never mind that it was only an instant. It was good, strong stuff, and I even doubled the dose; it's no good thin and watered down. I don't really care for the sugar or the cream; I like it better black. Black as sin; deep as night; dark as the hidden corners of the mind. Its bitterness is its allure, its full earthy smell, its siren's call.

I was doomed from the first sip, the moment the heat touched my lips, the sweetness playing with my tongue. I close my eyes to savor the sensation. One deep breath and I dive head-on, wallowing in this forbidden fruit of paradise, satiating my desires, awakening my senses, quickening my pulse. The nagging voice in my head commanding me to stop was silenced, finally giving in to the ecstasy I was clasping with both hands. That inner voice was strong, but its conviction was quelled by the luscious, thick liquid passing through my mouth, coating my throat with a warmth so exquisite, it might have been forbidden.

I realized from the first sip that I am going to suffer for this. Something that excites the senses as much as this is bound to have repercussions. And no sooner had I finished the cup of dark sin, did they come, as I knew they would. My pulse continued to race, matching the little quakes that my arms have started to exhibit. I start to make deep, controlled breaths in the hopes of regaining mastery over my trembling limbs, my palpitating heart. And all the while, I'm fighting this drowsiness that has beset me.

Such pleasures, and such troubles, my morning cup of coffee brings...


  1. is fine for now. she really needs surgery or else the pain would come back...

    i won't. it's just one blow. hehe! i'm tougher more than i expect from myself.

    you're welcome.

    word verification: NUDGE

  2. i can very well hear jewel singing in the background..."be still my little heart..." hehe.

    exquisite little piece, shatter.

  3. @ Lucas: I wish yor mom a successful surgery to ease her pain, and your worry as well.

    @ Gentle: I can't seem to place those lyrics with any of Jewel's songs that I am familiar with. Is that song from tomboy-ish, indie-sounding Jewel, or from bustier-showing, pop-sounding Jewel? Hehehe

  4. Your post is well blended as your coffee. Nice one.

    Ibang klase talaga effects ng kape.. lolz


  5. i just finished my coffee and this prose perfectly describes the feeling! i'm a certified coffee lover . hindi ako madalas sa starbucks pero i think mas masarap pa rin timpla ko ng kape--mura pa. hahaha!

    nice one! keep writing, i'll read :P

    --- really dissected my post. you got it right. the very essence. the writer lost the love of his life-a bitter ending of a love story. he wanted to make a different ending. eaten by denial he tried to immortalize a good memory; a fictional happy ending through her words...


    yes. thanks very much. but unfortunately wala pa ring exact sched. everytime we go for a consult wala yung urologist..ayun..hehe!

    salamat ulit!

  6. i watched it twice it stars keira knightly and ewan mcavoy. the story was just piercing...i was wondering why 'atonement'... and it was revealed in the end...

    hope you watch it. hehe :)

  7. @ Dylan: Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, you're right, kakaiba talaga ang tama ng kape, lalo na sa akin, kasi inaantok ako sa kape. Haha!

    @ Lucas: Same here, I love my coffee, kahit alam kong masama sa akin. haha! Weird thing is, I suffer from palpitations but at the same time, inaantok ako. haha!

    I love Keira Knightly, kaso lang, mukhang typecasted na siya sa mga period movies. Aside from Domino, wala akong maalalang movie niya with a current setting. hehe

  8. Wahehe, sakin iba iba.. depende ata sa brand ng kape..ahaha

    I just want to correct Lucas, he meant James Mcavoy, pinagsama nya si Ewan Mcgregor eh.. wehehe..watched it too, sad ending..

  9. @ Dylan: Wow! Ano bang brands mo ng coffee? hehe

    Thanks for the correction. Hmm... I guess I should really watch Atonement then... and read the book it was based on. hehe

  10. owowow.. owowow.. jupiter... owowow.. owowow.. be still my little heart... owowow, owowow...

    from jupiter... spirit album ni jewel

  11. @ Gentle: A, okay. Jupiter (Swallow the Moon) from the collection before siya magpakita ng boobs (read: Intuition). Hahaha!

    I miss Jewel, hindi ko na siya naririnig masyado.


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