Monday, March 23, 2009

I Won the Contest!

I met with Dong Ho at Greenbelt earlier today to claim my prize from the contest I won recently.

He says he's still amazed that someone has posted the correct answer to his contest as early as 7am, and he was thinking that maybe someone who knew of their itinerary joined the contest. Either that, or someone who came from Pagbilao answered it right.

The truth is, I just got lucky with Google. He hinted in his contest that the place was somewhere in the Southern Tagalog region, so I just typed those key words, and after a few trials and errors, I fount this site in flickr that features essentially the same view, the only difference is the hammock hanging between the two coconut trees.

I knew I struck gold. And with many comments hinting at Cagbalete (which was actually Dong Ho's primary destination), no one even bothered to copy my answer. Which was good for me. Haha!

Photo Credit for Dong Ho's Eskapo 3.0 for the beach image,
Photo Credit for Travel and Leisure SEA for the magazine image,


  1. congrats!!!
    what was your price?

  2. @Gram: Thanks Gram. I won the latest issue of Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia Magazine. hehe

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  3. ay, akala ko mega travel ka shats, sasama pa naman sana kami ni eyvicat. hehehe.

  4. @Gentle: Hehe, hindi pa pwedeng mag-mega travel, di pa tapos ang work ko e. Tumatakas lang ako. Hahaha!

  5. hahaha... kaya bilib na bilib ako sayo. congratulations ulit! one very wise man.

  6. ei, shatts! congratulations! and what you did was very clever.

    akala ko you won a trip to the place in the pic. hehehe!

    peace out!

  7. @Dong: hehehe. Sinuwerte lang talaga. Peace!

    @Lucas: Thanks, Luke. Oo nga, okay sana kung ang prize is a trip to that beach. *hinthint*


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