Monday, March 7, 2011

I Lost My Phone

I lost my phone last night.  I only had it for six months. 

I was drunk; I was careless; and I didn't really care.  The moment I realized I lost the phone, it took me two minutes to get over the fact and resume drinking and dancing.

I am, of course, sad that I lost it, particularly with the loss of numbers and photos and messages stored therein.  But I have gone past any compulsion to grieve over lost things, unlike before when my phones were almost surgically attached to my hand that losing it causes actual physical pain.

Suffering a love-hate relationship with the phone also helps in shortening the grieving process.  I'm also more concerned over the inconveniences the loss is causing compared to the loss itself.  I have requested for a replacement sim and am using my spare -- and that is the easy part.  Rebuilding my lost contacts, now, that would be the hard part.

And such is the reason for this post.  I have the same number, so if you're up for reconnecting, message me with your name, so I can save your number.  Yeah, posting this is easier than asking everybody I know for everybody else's number.  I know, I'm lazy like that.  ;-)


  1. Two minutes is just unforgiveable. If I lost my phone (and the porn stored in it) the universe would flip because of me screaming like a wild banshee. Haha. :p

  2. @ vajarl: Ganoon lang talaga kadali e. Di ko rin alam kung bakit. Sabi nga ng ibang kaibigan, "Sigh, shrug, shembot!"

  3. My recovery skills (in the area of lost phones and other valuables) are also far more superb than the average guy. Don't be upset. We lose our things all the time? That means we also get new stuff all the time anyway. :)

  4. @ Victor: I'm using my spare phone right now, and it is passable. I no longer enjoy wifi though, which is too bad.

    Unfortunately, I don't yet have enough cash to get a replacement. If luck is with me, I might get an android. :-)


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