Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Deja vu

I accompanied a friend to Cavite one Saturday to visit another friend whose ward passed on, and to offer support and condolences.  It was a lazy day, and though we planed on going early, it was already late afternoon when we got there.  It was no easy feat getting there, what with the distance involved and the number of towns you have to pass through.  It was such a favor then that there were minimal traffic at the time.

We spent a considerable amount of time there, just eating and hanging out, and a bit of touring on the side.  And it wasn't until way past midnight when we decided to leave.  Unfortunately, the buses don't start their service until 2am, so we decided to wait a couple more hours.

Going to the bus station was a bit of a walk, but the night was comfortably cold and there weren't too many vehicles running about, so it was alright.  At first sight of the station, I felt a sudden loss of balance.  "I've been here before," I murmured to myself.  Chance, whom I accompanied there was looking for the restroom, and almost automatically, I pointed to where it is.  Or where it should be located.  And I was right.

The sense of deja vu was palpable, and I was reeling, trying to remember when I had been here before.  There were a few changes, of course, from the height of the seats, and the mini-store set up up front, but the rest of the area, the permanent structures at least, was where I remember -- or thought I remember -- it was.

Now, I've been a bit of a wanderlust ever since, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember going to that part of Cavite City.  Sure, I've been to the city with my mom and siblings, but it was a different part of the city we always visited then.  I do not remember officemates who are from that parts as well; most of them were from north of Manila.

I do remember some college friends who were from Cavite, but Bacoor and Tanza were very far from where we were at the moment.  I remember commuting to Island Cove to and fro before, but it wouldn't justify going to Cavite City just for the bus homeward, as the bus would pass the resort after all.  

For the life of me, I still couldn't remember when, how and why I have been to that bus station before, and it boggles the mind trying to recall.  So maybe for now, I'll just put it on my folder of unexplained occurrences.


  1. Maybe you were incepted? Or reset by the Bureau!

  2. @ Xall Perce: Haha! Maybe. Or maybe there was some glitch in the Matrix. :p

  3. @ Nishiboy: That'll be great if I can control that kind of ability! :-)


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