Friday, March 25, 2011


We had a meeting yesterday.  It started 9.30am and by 2pm, we weren't even finished.  It was agreed, though, that we would have a break, but reconvene for the meeting by 3pm.  Lunch, therefore, had to be really quick.  I wasn't afforded my ample me-time and it blows.

By 3.30, we were back to the meeting, discussing the various issues and deficiencies that need to be addressed for the year-end closing.  We finished a few minutes past 7pm.

After that whole day of meeting, I no longer had the energy to even look at my computer.  I merely turned it off and promptly left the office.  Who cares if, during the meeting, I'm ticking off one task after another that I need to perform; I was drained.  I needed a change of venue.

I needed to perk up after that ordeal.  And what better way to do so than to eat.

Introducing TOSH: Express' Carbo-overload meal.  Shepherd's Pie, rice and pasta alfredo, and an iced tea for an additional 10 pesos.  The whole gamut of carbs in the food pyramid:  wheat, maize, potato, grains.

After finishing the whole plate, I was back to my normal, cheery self.

Good eats!


  1. Sabi nga ni Jessica Zafra (i think it was her), food is life. So let's celebrate life! =D

  2. @Nishiboy: Not sure who said it, but that's sound advice. :-)

  3. Hi Josh! Just dropping by ;)


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