Monday, March 14, 2011

Hold Up

Ever since I can remember, I have disliked taxis.  I have this long-standing notion of taxis, and their drivers, being highway robbers, robbing commuters blind of their money.  This is especially true during the Christmas season, when these demons grow unusually long horns.  Why, most of them even have the temerity to tip themselves from your change even before you decide to do so!

This is why I have always opted for public transport whenever possible.  Public utility vehicles, after all, take you to your desired locations, if you know the route.  They are cheaper as well, albeit less convenient.  And economy gets more importance than convenience in my books.

But there are times though, when economy takes a back seat and the ease of the taxi becomes invaluable.  Last Friday was one of those days.

I was running late and my destination was far from my regular routes.  I knew I had to swallow my pride and ride a taxi.  And it was just my luck that the one time I needed one, there weren't any vacant cabs to be had. There is this ridiculous abundance of these little buggers whenever I don't need it, oftentimes, when I'm waiting for a jeepney, a couple of of these cars would stop in front of me, hoping I would ride.  And the one day I needed one, there were none!  Nada.  Zero.  Caput.

I hopped from one location to the next, each time riding the taxi to my locales.  And it's just happy coincidence that the three taxis i rode all were calibrated with the new meters.

Yes, that's 40 pesos flag-down and 3.50 every few hundred meters.  If I weren't so busy, I would've taken longer to recover from the feeling of being robbed.  And it does sting, being held up like that.  My wallet took it really hard.

Of the three I rode, only one was kind enough to issue me my receipt; and I had to ask for it to be printed.  The other two didn't even have tape receipts for which to print the proof of my purchase.


  1. I hate taxi drivers who, when I have no exact amount, say they don't have change for my bill. The hell! It's their business, they should have change all the time!

  2. @ xall perce: The lot of them only pretend to not have change, so you wouldn't bother asking them for change. More money for them. Yay.

  3. Most taxi drivers sucked!


  4. @ 1cio: Yeah, most of them suck harder than Hoovers. :-)

  5. You are very lucky! At least one of the three taxi gave you a receipt! Sometimes this taxis also do the following:

    1. Taxi drivers turned a blind eye on you when it is raining.

    2. Almost always the taxi run out of gasoline after you ride their taxi. So you need to wait for the taxi when they buy gasoline and take note the meter is running.

    3. As you've mentioned they suggest a certain amount as your tip even if you have just entered the cab.


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