Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm feeling a little bit pressured right now.

The company has decided to finally migrate to a new accounting system to ease our financial reporting.  The current system in place, though workable, is ill-equipped to handle the volume of work at hand.  It is also limited in its capacity that it forces us to render manual computations to be entered into the books.  Switching therefore, would be beneficial in the long run.

But migration does not happen instantly, nor does the transition run smoothly.  Like all changes, you are bound to experience "birthing pains" during the transition.  These are inevitable; you cannot prevent it, only prepare for it.  Part of the transitions we will face include the forming of several of the staff to form part of the competence team.  These employees will be pulled out of their normal works to study and create the new system that will be put in place.  Starting next month, until the system goes online by December, they will eat and breathe the new system.  They will build and study the new system to ensure that there are no glitches.  

I envy them.  Not because they will pulled out from work, but because they will learn a new system. I have always been open to new learning.  I always maintain that it is my habit to know stuff, and this stuff is huge!  Those competent in SAP are marketable.  Very marketable.

Here now lies the dilemma:  whenever people are pulled out from their current work, those who remain will have to shoulder the work left behind.  I have been informally assigned the work currently done by our assistant manager.  Even now, some officemates are starting to call me "manager" or "sir", pertaining to the task that will be assigned to me.

I can jive with officemates, though I'm not too close to them.  I fear my new function will cause me to be ostracized from them.  Even with my current function, I get to interact with the various department heads more than my peers; the new function may cause more rifts in our interaction.

I went out of the office with this perceived problem in mind.  My paranoia has once again caused me to feel troubled.

And when I am troubled like this, I go to the bookstore.

Like most people, I address my problems with some retail therapy.  Unlike most people, I don't shop for clothes or gadgets.  I shop for books.  I get a sense of calm and euphoria by being in the bookstore in the same vein that some people feel elated inside a shoe store.  The smell of newly minted books in their crisp bindings provide for me a wonderful sense of contentment.  The sound of pages turned excites me with their promise of new adventures to experience.  The purchase of the book fills me with fulfillment I rarely feel with other activities.  And wrapping it in thick plastic provides me a sense of control.  I am a bibliophile and I am not ashamed.

ArchEnemy, the finale to the Looking Glass Wars trilogy, is the final installment to Frank Beddor's re-imagination of the story of Alice in Wonderland.  The deck of cards and the Queen of Hearts is still there, only more sinister, and more interesting.  I've never really read the original Alice story, and I fear I may not enjoy it after reading Alyss' story, but with the trilogy complete, I just might give it a try.

On a side note, I discovered I can have my book purchases wrapped in plastic at Fully Booked, although their wrapping process pale in comparison to my own.  After I finish this book, I will have to redo the wrapping;  I had to force myself not to cringe when I saw the attendant use scotch tape.  Ugh!


  1. boss manager ser! naks! haha! ith great power comes great responsibility. haha!

    sap ba 'yang bagong system niyo? tae lang, nag-training kami sa sap pero sa sobrang ikli nung training, parang wala akong natutunan. sabi ng in-charges ko, matututunan ko na talaga 'yun pag nasa field work na ko. hahahay...

    at mukang okay 'tong fiction ni frank bedor. cover pa lang panalo na. i'm intrigued!

  2. Didn't know there's such a thing as looking glass war. Evolution ba ito from American McGee's Alice? Hehehe.

  3. @ Lio Loco: Yup, SAP yung magiging bagong system, for implementation by January 1. Clean up na kami ngayon, para minimized garbage on the new system. Exciting yun, kasi ako, wala pa talagang alam sa SAP. haha!

    Okay yung trilogy, try mong hanapin! Di muna ako magpapa-hiram, kasi di ko pa tapos basahin yung book 2. haha!

    @ Mugen: I'm not familiar with American McGee, sorry, pero the Looking Glass Wars is the reinvention of the original Alice in Wonderland story, it even touches upon the story of Alice Liddel, who was the inspiration of Lewis Carrol. Hanapin mo yung books, you wont be disappointed.


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