Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm at a seminar and I'm blogging.  Hurray for multi-tasking.  And thanks also to Lancaster Hotel's unsecured internet to which I am leeching to right now.

I was late for this seminar when it started yesterday due to some other reportorial stuff, and I came to the seminar room all flustered and sweaty.  After I have settled, I realized that the resource speaker was familiar.  I have attended one of her seminars some three years before.

And like the last time I attended her seminar, she has a thick ring-bound handout, as well as a stapled worksheet.  We use the worksheets more than the handouts.  And half the time she's talking about issues not included in the topic at hand.  But these off-topic insights of hers make her seminars more valuable than it already is.

Her colorful and varied experience in business and the academe make for such enlightening stories, and her enthusiasm in her retelling is quite engaging that you almost wish for her to veer off-topic and talk about her experiences.

Also, she makes me want to teach.  

Teaching has always been in the backburners of my mind.  It is both a dream and a nightmare in my estimation, but only so because it is unfamiliar territory for me.  Public speaking is not my forte.  Stories about underpaid teachers also abound;  I'm not ready to go hungry for a dream just yet.  But the speaker is quite enthusiastic and emphatic that the dream is again resurfacing.  It also helps that she's asserting the lucrativeness of the teaching profession, especially when accompanied with consultancy services.

She also makes it look easy to teach by teaching the attendees how to do research.  She spends half the time instructing the class how to research using Google, because (almost) everything you need to know about anything can be found on the internet if you know how to search for it, especially powerpoint presentations for your lectures.  I felt this way three years ago, but let the urge go unanswered.  Then a deluge of work made me forget that notion entirely.  Going to this seminar has revived that idea in my head.

But I feel inadequate with my base knowledge.

Maybe I should start earning my MBA.


  1. gusto ko rin mag-mba pero wala akong pera. tinatamad na rin mag-aral.

    pero kung meron gagastos ng mba ko mag-aaral ako. gusto ko sa upd, or sa ateneo, or sa aim. haha.

  2. @ Scud: Ako rin, wala pang pera for MBA. Actually, ang gusto ko yung MBA with Jurisprudence ng DLSU graduate school, pero good luck naman, 5 years full-time yun! Kaya ko sigurong humingi ng tulong sa mom ko for the tuition, pero hinahanapan ko pa ng oras. Busy pa rin kasi sa work.


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