Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About that Nasty, Dangerous Stuff that Starts with L

My reputation precedes me, and apparently, my reputation isn't as sun-shiny as I would like to think.  Shattershards shatter more than just shards, it seems.  I'm unfamiliar with the topic at hand, so I will try to modify this rant through words that are familiar to me.

I have always maintained that I choose not to engage in the business.  It is much too cumbersome and complex, and it isn't a prerequisite to anything after all.  Friends, family and officemates alike have at one time or another asked me about my business, or lack thereof.  They cannot believe that at my age, I have not once tried to engage in business.  I'm a non-entrepreneur since birth.

Going into business isn't an easy task.  You engage in it, not only for yourself, but for the public.  Regulatory boards abound, and they require periodic reporting of the results of operation.  The SEC requires that you report annual figures; quarterly figures, if you're publicly listed.  As such, everybody would know if you're operations are favorable or unfavorable, and everybody would have an opinion as to your business endeavors.

Engaging in business also increases your tax exposure.  While the SEC requires quarterly reporting at most, the BIR demands that you report monthly.  Whether your business is earning or is at a loss, the BIR computes for the taxes you have to pay.  Remit too much and you are bound to encounter cashflow problems, remit too little and you may be accused of under-reporting or even tax evasion.

Every business, at its core, is a selling business; it is a marketing engagement.  The entrepreneurs attempt to market their goods to potential buyers.  You can position yourself at the low end to cater to the mass market, or you can improve on quality and target a selected niche.  Either way, the object is to be able to sell your goods.  But I choose not to sell.  It isn't a question of marketability or low product quality, it's a conscious decision not to play the market.

Unfortunately, there are some with considerable capacity to buy and they insist on purchasing that which isn't for sale.  They ultimately get disappointed because no transactions are intimated.  Why blame the seller when there isn't any seller in the first place; when there aren't any products for sale at the start?  Am I to blame for their broken engagements when there wasn't any contract to begin with?  Just because there was a display doesn't mean there are items for sale.  

I do not wish to hear what the rumors say about me, but my habit of knowing stuff nags at me.  Thus I remind myself of this saying:  Caveat Emptor.


  1. so it did intrigue you. just didnt realize that 'that' and engaging to business have good analogy. whatever that is, doesnt change how i view you as a friend. cheer up!

  2. @ Marc: Thanks, Marc. I'm not too bothered, it's just that I'm torn between wanting and not wanting to know the details of the rumors. haha!

  3. this is fuckin' amazing! really. using business as a metaphor for love is pure fuckin' genius. only proves how the CPA title deeply runs in your blood. lols!

    maybe you haven't found the one yet. pray tell, you'd experience this 'business' bliss one day.

    whatever the grapevine tells, it's best not to know. of all people, it's you who know yourself best.

  4. I don't know what to say. I am almost always speechless when it comes to love.


    And I also got lost with the terms that you used. I mean, the only thing I know about businesses is.. okay, I don't really know anything about businesses.

  5. Phew! I almost got lost in the business terms. It was definitely worth it. That metaphor was mind-blowing!

    Perhaps in time, you'll find a buyer who will persuade you into selling your product. You'll find that the currency is worth it if you choose wisely. Just be careful. You wouldn't want to be stuck with an empty tray and a handfull of bouncing checks.

    i totally abused your metaphor. my bad. :/

  6. @ Lio Loco: Business and Life run in similar strains, which makes it possible to mention one while implying the other. Or maybe that's just me. I'm glad that you approve of my metaphors. haha!

    Yeah, maybe I haven't found the one yet, but I'm not looking. Life happens while one is waiting for something, I've learned.

    I agree, it's best that I do not seek what is being told about me. It will reach me in time.

  7. @ Vajarl: Business is the easier subject to tackle by far, and the easier endeavor to fulfill. At least, in business, there are rules to follow. haha!

  8. @ Citybuoy: I tried not to go too technical on the terms, or even I would be lost in its quagmire. I'm glad you approve.

    Perhaps the Buyer will come, perhaps not. What is important is that I enjoy my life. :-)

  9. yep!!! definitely, enjoy life. alam mo naman ako when it comes to you guys... no rush... i'd be happier kung meron pero kung wala, basta happy kayo... :-) i'm glad to have browsed thru your site again... ako, maliban sa kwento ko sa iyong panaginip, may nadiscover ako.... engagement... let me end it there...



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