Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Tempest

Let the winds howl my sorrow, the lightning flash my rage
May the thunder scream my anger, the rain my despair
This storm of emotions is tearing at my soul
Thus heaven reflect this torment, give voice to anguish
I dare not show.

This illegitimate love is tearing at my core
A mistress of a fool, this secret liaison
Started as dervish, and ended as soon
Has left me at the brink
and thirsting for more.

So I summon the storm to quench my wanting heart
To wash away this unnatural desire
and clean me of this lustrous passion.
I call upon the gale to staunch this secret fire
unbeknownst to many, this unrequited love.

I stay in this storm to drench in the cold
Waiting for a Ray of Light I know will not come
Futile effects of passion unfulfilled
Twisting, Tormenting, Tearing me down
but waiting still, the Lovefool

The Tempest
written 28May07
posted at friendster blogs the same day


  1. Ray of Light. ;) yun lang!
    gud pm shattershArds. see you soon! pakain ka sa birthday mo. hehehe.

  2. Dear Gentle;

    Alam mo naman na sa birthday ko, I will be working. Marami akong deadlines on that day.


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