Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Returning

It's 10.30 pm and I should be preparing for tomorrow. Instead, I'm in my room, reading Artemis Fowl and drinking a glass of wine... my second, for that matter. The holiday break has been over-long, but somehow, I feel like the returning is rather soon.

Reluctantly (at least at first), I have thrown away all my routine, starting with my sleeping habits, and going all-out from there. I still wake up before 9am, though, and it gets rather hard, when you sleep by 4, or 6. Good thing the weather is cold enough to warrant an extended sleep until 1pm.

As good as it is, it poses a problem for me, come tomorrow. How now, do I get back into routine when for the past two weeks, I've been in limbo, with all time gone out of proportion? How do I get back into motion, especially when the monthend reporting is looming ever nearer, and I haven't even started with my December tasks?

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