Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monthend Count

The monthend has always been ... special for me. It has always been exciting, to say the least, and this month is no exception.

Rather, this one is more special than the rest owing the fact that the heavy rains mere hours ago has prevented me from going out of the office to travel to the store, where I conduct the monthend inventory count.

It's already 7.30pm and I'm still here, the latest I've gone before was 6. What troubles me is the amount of inventory I'm supposed to count tonight, today being stocks delivery day for the stores.

I'm guessing I'm going to finish the count by 3 or 4am at this rate.

--- update ---
It did seem the flood would never abate. The rains subsided, but the rainwater did not go down quietly. I got out of the office near 10pm and went to the store. Hungry as we were, we ate first before doing any actual count. It was good of my Kitchen Manager to have performed a pre-count during my office vigil; thus shortening the count that would have lasted till morning.
As it was, It was an easy count, and I was able to go home by 3am.

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