Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I so HATE my job right now

But then again, I hate it on a daily basis.

It's just that everyday, my loathing for this job reaches new levels of hatefulness I never thought was possible. I find that everyday, I see more and more reasons to leave; to once and for all move away. And everyday, I get burried in tons of paperwork that acts as shackles forestalling my leave-taking. Everyday, I am further bound to this job by responsibilities beyond measure.

And everyday, I am asking myself why, why WHY! did I ever find accounting to be so interesting in the first place. I could have been successful on a job that entails travelling; or be a hotel and food critic, anything! Getting paid to bitch, rant and complain -- that could have been heaven!

But NO! I'm here, chair-bound, desk-bound, honor-bound to account for other people's money, and it's getting old fast!.

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