Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Rubdown

Walking home to my jeepney stop after my post-game dinner, I notice this person at the other side of the street raise his shirt up and rub his stomach.  Clad in walking shorts and basketball jersey, I surmised that he is probably from around the area; maybe from one of the houses near the bridge.  I cross the street and do not make eye contact.

After a while, I see him leave the street corner; probably to go home or maybe to find a better spot.  A moment later, my jeep arrives and I enjoy a peaceful, albeit noisy ride going to my street.  Probably to keep himself awake along the road, the driver was playing 90s alternative band music to the speakers' maximum capacity.

I alight the jeep to walk the short distance going home when I see someone going the opposite direction.  More than 6 feet tall and with considerable built, I grew weary of his presence and proceeded to walk with a steadier gait.  When he was just a couple of meters from me, he raised his shirt to reveal his abdomen and low-rise jeans that promises to leave little to the imagination.  Or maybe it was designed to further spark it, I don't know.

And as if on cue, he started to rub his stomach while attempting to make eye contact.  I studied my feet until I passed him.  But the footsteps behind me told me that he was now following me.  He was still attempting eye contact as I reached home and clicked the gate locked.

This wasn't the first time I encountered people attempting a hookup.  What perplexes me is their manner.  Since when did rubbing one's bare stomach become the universal code for "I'm horny, let's have sex"?  And the number of occurrences!  Two instances in just 30 minutes.  That's got to be a record, or something!


  1. ikaw na ang desirable sa gabi. lol.

  2. may taglay na alindog ka daw kasi.


  3. @ The Scud: It's not about desirability, as they do that to everyone who passes the street. I just happened to come along.

  4. @ Eternal Wanderer: Di naman kasing lakas ng alindog mo. Talagang naglipana lang sa lugar namin yung mga pa-booking na tao. haha!

  5. Sa QC ba to? Nung taga-teacher's village pa akey, andaming mga ganiyan! nakakaloka sila kasi they're very persistent. lolz

  6. hahaha. its nice read blogs pala, once in a while. i almost forgot how it felt to write in a personal kind of way, not just reports, reports and more reports. LOL. nakakamiss!

    buti naka-abot ka ng bahay. :)

  7. @ Citybouy: Nope, not in QC. QC is too far for me. haha! But yeah, these people are quite persistent at times.

  8. @ Gentle:: Hey there, buhay ka pa pala! I haven't really made the rounds of the blogs I used to read before, but yeah, reading blogs is quite fun. Writing them too, is therapeutic. haha!

  9. Hahaha. That`s kind of funny kuya. Ikaw na! Hey, it`s been awhile. Lezz keep in touch man~

  10. @ Hoobert: Yeah, it's kinda funny reading about it now, but it felt freaky and weird while it was happening. haha! Wait til it happens to you. ;-)

    Yeah, I've been silent for some time, nice to reconnect. :-)


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