Saturday, April 14, 2012

We Have Babies!

Well, puppies, but we're not checking on semantics now.  

More than a year ago, when Garfield has settled a bit after moving back in, he bought a little bundle for himself.

She was the cutest princess ever!  A cute little bundle like her deserves a kick-ass name to be remembered by.  And since Kick Ass was just recently shown in theaters then, Garfield named his baby Mindy.

And Mindy lived up to her name, bouncing up and down the corridors; attacking the other dogs, even our half-feral cats; and insisting that she be included in everything that we do.  

She also cries at night when she isn't allowed to sleep in bed with any of us.  We can't help but allow her, and then she makes her way under the pillow or in the crook of your arm.  We only stopped indulging her when she became too rowdy, scratching our arms and faces while we sleep.  We bought her a basket to sleep in and she was forceful enough to ward the three other dogs from sleeping on her basket.

Cosmo, the pack's alpha, have tried multiple times to mate with her, but Mindy, being headstrong, and as the only female, is de facto alpha, has denied him multiple times, to injurious, but thankfully, not bloody, consequences.  His patience bore fruit though, for Mindy did relent the last time she was in heat.

Mindy gave birth yesterday to four cute little babies.  Matriarch was with her the whole time, keeping an eye on her as two pups came out, and acting as midwife to help birth the two other.

Garfield, being away, feels like an absentee grandfather, knowing his daughter gave birth, but is unable to come hither.

With four new pups to bolster the pack, it seems the house will be busy for quite some time.


  1. my lab pet gave birth last week with 4 new pups too. they're all black. =)

  2. taking care of newborns is hard but fulfilling work.

    it is a 24/7 thing. i hope all of them live.

  3. @ Ahmer: I want a lab. But our place is too small for big dogs. And I probably wont have time to be a good alpha for him.

  4. @^Travis: They seem healthy enough, and the mom's got ample milk for them. We just have to make sure to check on them every once in a while. :-)

  5. @ Eternal Wanderer: Di naman. Matriarch cares for the pets like a doting grandmother. :-)

  6. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, salamat kay nyl, nadiscover ko ang page mo, and your puppies are cute... can't wait to hear more stories about them.

    1. Hey, thanks, LJ welcome to the blog. I really should thank Nyl for the amount of traffic he sends my way. haha! Yeah, the puppies are cute, and I plan to take more photos of them soon. haha!


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