Thursday, March 8, 2012

Devil Dogs

I got home late and I am greeted by a heavy air in my room.  Warm and humid at 10pm, it seems rather unusual.  But with the weather being rather unforgiving lately, it may have just been unspent heat collected over the day; my room being shut the whole day, after all.  Almost immediately after I turn on the lights, the reason for that air of unease made itself apparent.

I love my books.  Even with ebooks and audiobooks aplenty and just a download away, I'd still go for the paper variety.  There's still no replacement for the tactile and olfactory stimulus an actual book gives.  That's why I take great pains to care for my babies; I refuse to open them until I cover them in plastic.  And I cover them again in paper whenever I bring them out of the house.  What the dogs did was so horrific, I was hyperventillating when I saw it.

But who among my little devils could have done it?  And it's not as if I can punish them for the act; it wasn't them after all, who opened the door to my room.  They got in because someone opened my door, and let them.

Punishing a pet for an act they've done hours ago isn't also helping.  It merely confuses their notion of rewards and punishments.  It makes them think that the punishment for greeting you home is a scolding.  And though I seldom pet these rascals as of late, I'd still rather they greet me home than they cower in fear at the sight of me.

Besides, how can I conceive of punishing them when they look this adorable?


  1. hongkyut ng mga aso mo. i want to have my own dog once i get my own place.

    at talagang gilid lang ang pinagtripan. is the book good?

  2. @The Scud: Yeah, they're cute, but they have a lot of pent-up energy, not much activities to do inside the house.

    Oo nga, buti yung gilid lang ang kinagat. Sabi ng mom ko, it was the brown devil on the left that was the culprit; he's the youngest in the pack.

    The book is good, and at 950+ pages, it better deliver. I'm at the 3rd part of the book now, and it's suffering a bit of a slump, like all the characters are waiting for something to happen.


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