Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Frumpy woman walks into Wendy's and finds it closed.  She was a few minutes late for the last call.    She lingers a bit, then walks away.  Frumpy woman goes back with tall white female along.  

Frumpy woman lingers outside, while tall white female struts alone inside, approaches the counter and asks for service.  Though her tone is friendly, amiable even, there is a sense of her not taking no for an answer.  

All store equipment have been shut down; the registers have been closed; the foodstuffs inventoried and packed.  But tall white female insists on ordering whatever is available.

Restaurant staff accedes, and tall white female is able to order baked potatoes.  She gets four orders for her trouble and insistence.  Amazing, really.

Tall white female turns around, makes a duck face, and leaves frumpy woman to foot the bill.
It really pays to be insistent and persistent, even if it's just to satisfy one's late night cravings.   

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