Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rewards and Punishments

Today was a busy day.

It's seldom that I get to use my holidays for myself.  Usually it's either I fall into a stupor and waste it sleeping, or I work.  Thankfully, today wasn't one of those days.

I did go to the office, though, but for practice.  One of the drawbacks of being a newbie in a company is that you get "persuaded" into joining the Christmas party presentations.  Somehow, it's become tradition that the new recruits are showcased in their full awkwardness to the whole company, as entertainment for the party.

I don't mind, though.  I'm sure I can bitch my way out of participating, but that would take a lot of energy and negativity, and I don't want that.  Besides, it's healthy getting to know some of the officemates in a different setting.  Not to mention the benefits of the physical activity not usually afforded at work.

That was why for 3 hours, we were sweating it out, trying to learn dance step after dance step of the designated songs.  We liked it so much, we booked our choreographer for more sessions tomorrow evening after work.

We started practice late though.  Even though the call time was slated at 9.30 am, it wasn't until past 1.30 that we were able to start, thanks to some officemates who didn't come until after lunch.  Filipino time can be such joy sometimes.

And because the practice started and ended late, I too, ended up late coming to my volleyball game.  It has been a month since I last played, and, as if the game from last Saturday wasn't enough, I went ahead and played with my other group.  Talk about masochism.  Still, five sets in 1.5 hours, four of them consecutively, isn't so bad.  And what do you know, today's physical exertion actually helped remove the aches caused by last Saturday's game!

I needed all those moving and sweating.  I've been inactive for far too long.  And as reward for today's activities, I went ahead and had my first taste of KFC's double down.

Wait, did I say reward?  With all those cholesterol and fat, and not to mention the rice I partnered it with, maybe the more apt description would be Punishment.  haha!


  1. Oh God. It looks good in an evil kind of way. Sana dinagdagan mo pa ng Lechon Pizza from Pizza Hut. Yun talaga, reward na reward yan. haha

  2. waahhh. inggit ako. i used to play volleyball. back in grade school. :D

  3. ano bang lasa niyang double down na 'yan? last week ko pa nakikita 'yan sa kfc eh. masarap bang chicken fillet ang bun nung burger? XD

  4. @ Citybouy: It's evil, I tell you! But the evil in it can be more pronounced if one of the buns were made from hot and crispy chicken, for that added oomph.

    I haven't tried the Lechon Pizza yet, but I'm getting mixed reviews, especially with the Mang Tomas base in lieu of tomato sauce.

  5. @ The Scud: I only started playing the game when I started working. Enjoy naman siya, go play again!

  6. @ JK Stephens: Imagine bacon and cheese slices sandwiched between two original recipe chicken fillet.

    It's the novelty of the food that makes it so popular, but as a sandwich, I like the Zinger better.


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