Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Frigid B*tch

Dear, why do you torment me so?  

It's been weeks since we first saw each other, but still, you wont put out for me.  

I tried everything in my power to please you.  

I've exhausted all I know; I used all the skill I have with my fingers.  

I've caressed you every which way, but you're still not warming up to me.

Still, you wouldn't give me what I want.

Still you wouldn't give me what I need.

Still, you wouldn't balance for me.

I'm getting tired of seeing values under Discrepancy.


  1. Sakit sa ulo yan!

    Teka, sipag mo mag post ngayon ah' hehe

  2. Maybe there's an unseen variable, a latent value, that needs to be considered? Maybe, if you step back from it all, let it gestate for a while, clarity will come in its own accord. And equilibrium be achieved.


  3. Nagpapasuyo lang. Konting lambing pa raw. LOL.

  4. @ Ahmer: Sakit talaga sa ulo. Malapit na pati ang deadline.

    Yeah, nagpipilit magsipag. Just trying to see if I can do one post per day. haha!

  5. @ Red the Mod: Therein lies the problem. I've tried every possible permutation and I still trapped in this numerical quagmire. I hate it...

  6. @ Victor: Lahat na nga ng carinyo ginawa ko, ayaw pa rin. Ewan ko ba...


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