Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have long decided not to get affected by it, but it seems I really can't let it go.  So now, I'll say it outright:  I actually hate Mondays.

It didn't feel this way initially, I seem to vaguely remember a distant time when I looked forward to Mondays, but I can't seem to remember a concrete day of when that was.  Thinking as far back as y school days, I know I disliked Mondays as well.  I mean, who wouldn't when Mondays meant returning to school?  Still I know there was a time when I did like Mondays.

But rather than waste my energies thinking about phantom memories of cherished Mondays, why don't I just waste more energy enumerating why I hate this day?  Because surely, I think I can so many bad things about this day, more than any other.

Monday means work.  Lots of work.  The return to the office not only promises a new deluge of tasks -- it delivers.  No wonder more people suffer heart attacks on a Monday compared to other days of the week, just the thought of all that work waiting there to drown you and suffocate you is enough to stop your heart from beating.

Monday ruins schedules.  No matter how you set your schedule for the week, expect it to all come flying out the window come Monday.  I had a game plan set from last week; a set goal to finish.  I was aiming for the stars (well, not really) then Monday rears its head and greets me with other things to do, more concerns that would need your attention.  More stressors to disrupt your calm and turn it into calamity.

And don't expect for Monday's effects to be localized on Monday.  Its effects will surely cling on to Tuesday, and if you get lucky, can run all the way till Friday.  No matter how hard you prevent it, when Monday decides to screw you over, it will and it can.  Late last week, I was talking with a colleague and she kept on saying that Tuesday is the sibling of Monday.  I couldn't fathom what it was she meant until this afternoon, when during a staff meeting, it was decided that we needed to work on a Tuesday, which has been declared a holiday.  Then it dawned on me.  Tuesday is Monday's sibling because Monday's woes are Tuesday's concerns.

I can go on and on citing example after example of Monday and its abuses.  I can fill page after page of woes and disappointments to allay my case.  I was prepared to do so, but then you called me from out of the blue, and suddenly I don't hate Mondays at all...

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  1. Monday's a bitch. Definitely. They should ban people from working on a Monday. Hehe


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