Tuesday, May 5, 2009


War is brewing in our neighborhood. You can feel the oppressing miasma all over the place, blanketing everything with its evil stench. Even nature is rendered powerless over this intangible force of other-worldly presence: the winds seem to stand still, or else refuse to blow in this direction; summer nights turn cold, then humid, with no regard to barometric readings. The sun's summer rays seem blunted and incapable of giving heat. And all the while, an unnerving uneasiness has laid claim to the populace.

Wartime is nigh, and all about, preparations for the slaughter to come are being made. War drums have been released from their hallowed place of rest as advanced guards make ready their war paints and feathered armors. Banners of the various warring clans are hung all over the place, signifying an areas colors and affiliation. And inside the various households are a myriad of preparations of secret weapons that would, inevitably, lead to mass destruction.

War is near, and its name is Fiesta.

The first blow has been struck: psychological warfare through videoke-terrorism. A neighboring baranggay closed off a section of a busy thoroughfare to make room for the platform where the town's most prized terrorists will perform their renditions of hits, past, present and future, and sometimes in medley.

I can only squirm in terror as they let a banshee let loose over The Cranberries' "Zombie" and Regine Velazques' "Shine," followed by another terrorists' rendition of The Calling's "Stigmatize." Anytime soon, I'm expecting them to deploy their coup de grace: an unending medley of April Boy Regino "hits." Such vile, twisted actions are more than enough to render anyone in a state of hopelessness and utter terror, prompting anyone to reach for an icepick to gouge their eyes and shatter their eardrums in order to end the misery.

Coming home late and tired from work, I haven't the emotional fortitude to weather such viscious attacks on my psyche. The walls of my room seem infantile and ill-built to protect me from this cachophonic assult, as the voices seem to penetrate, and permeate from the very walls. Soon, the last remaining drops of my self-control would vanish like evanescent mist on a desert afternoon and render me immobile, irrational and insane; a dead husk of mutable flesh. I do not know how much more of this inhumane assault on my eardrums I can take.


  1. strap on thy sandals and keep your sword near, brave warrior... be vigilant, the enemy is strong. the worse is yet to come.

    haaay... sana they sing "my way" na!

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  3. but i love fiestas. one of the very few reasons i could give myself licence to have absurd fun.

    i say: sulk when it's time to sulk. but have fun whenever an opportunity presents itself. cheer up. :)

  4. @ Jamie: Yeah, worst is yet to come, kasi sa May 15 pa ang fiesta. I expect more videoke madness to come. hehe

    @ Victor: Province fiestas, I do love, dahil maraming food! But fiestas here in the Metro, not too much, kasi puro alak lang, kahit tanghaling tapat. Coupled by the fact that I don't know anyone in our area, it's too awkward to mingle. hehe

  5. Oh man! Natawa ko dun ah, kala ko kung anung war na!

    nakaranas na rin ako ng ganyan. And sometimes I can't bear it, parang may noise barrage. Ayus lang yan, look at the bright side, malay mo lumayas ang masamang ispiritu sa mga kapit bahay nyo..wehe

    Happy fiesta! Good luck to you.

  6. @ Dylan: Minsan kasi, parang act of war na ang pag-kanta ng ibang tao, parang nang u-udyok sa giyera. Hehe.

    I really wish their caterwauling can exorcise the demons from our area. But then, again, walang ghost sightings sa area namin, so baka nga effective. :-D

    Thanks, Dylan! I'll try to enjoy the fiesta... or sleep though it... I do need the rest. haha!

  7. kailangan mong laging may earphones. or maybe you can suggest them to blog instead. lol.

  8. Parang may biritan contest jan sa inyo. hahaha. Korek nga ung cnabeh ng iba dito, kumuha ka ng earphones or kung hinde naman, sabihin mo ung meralco/cepalco na magbrownout ang whole city para walang magvivideoke. Hehehehe.

  9. yikes! akala ko naman kung ano na? fiesta lang pala...hehe :P

    mahirap tlaga magpahinga kapag fiesta. lahat hyper. hanga din ako sa pinoy kasi ang lakas ng loob kahit sintunado, todo birit pa rin sa videoke...hehe

    musta na? been awhile... :D

  10. @ Dong: Siguro nga, kailangan talaga ng earphones, yung klaseng may bass at sub woofers, para siguradong wala na akong ibang maririnig. haha!

    @ Millionnaire: Mahirap humiling ng city-wide power interruption, wala akong pambayad sa opportunity cost of lost meralco revenues. haha!

    @ Lucas: Oo, mahirap nga kapag fiesta, maingay, lalo na ang videoke. Magkulong man ako, maingay pa rin.

    I'm fine, thanks for asking. Been busy lately; no social life, no online one either. :-D


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