Saturday, May 23, 2009

Food, Anyone?

I was with BartSmithers and Barimel one Saturday afternoon at Tiendesitas. BariMel was looking for furnitures she could use for her new place. BartSmithers and I were there as escorts. While browsing through furnitures and discussing about the "No Photos" rule on the furnitures place, I looked up, and suddenly, my brain just shut down.

It took a while for me to recover, and I just couldn't stop laughing. Concerned, BariMel and BartSmithers asked me what the matter was, so I just pointed at the banner overhead. They looked up, and laughed with me.

I guess one man's pet is another man's delicacy. :-D


  1. I guess I'm the first one to comment on this post? (^^,) Thank you very much for visiting my blogs. (^-^)

    You are very much appreciated. Haha! You really took your time looking at all three of them? That's very noble of you! (^0^)

    I'm about to make my second entry for my Literary Alchemy account. Hope you find time to visit it again. (^^,)

  2. Hey Rcyan! Yep, you definitely were the first to comment. hehe

    Sure, I'll visit after you have posted your entry. ;-)

  3. ang labo naman ng sign na yun! hahaha!

    rare breed ba? hehe! oo kaya mahirap makahanap ng seryoso din. pero okay lang... fates will have their say. soon i hope...

    CGI din pala yung mga aerial shots...galing.

    hindi ako fan ng terminator. baka HP6 na sunod kong panonoorin sa sinehan. hehe! peace out!

  4. nako mate, hindi ko rin alam eh... this was once a draft i've written a month ago i think. when i write poetry, basta lang sila lumalabas! hehehe!

    sa one tree hill ko nakuha yung idea. a single raven is a bad omen. an unkindness is a sign of good fortune. Really? they guide the dead back to the living... it makes sense! :)

  5. I guess one man's pet is another man's delicacy. :-D


  6. hahaha... nice humor post. i think this can be submitted to readers digest joke section.

  7. @ Lucas: Ang labo talaga! Kaya nga biglang nag-shut down yung utak ko, di ko maintindihan yung sign. haha!

    @ Dylan: Ang saya, di ba? Ikaw ba, natikman mo na si bantay? haha!

    @ Dong: Hmm... Reader's Digest... is it good enough? I wouldn't say no to $25! hehe


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