Monday, May 25, 2009


There comes a time when the Urge erupts, and no amount of self-control could temper it.  You may think that you have mastered it, finally taking it out of your system, but the Urge is still there, lurking, waiting for that opportune time to come out and take over.  And once the Urge has taken over, nothing can stop it.  You just have to brace yourself for the ride, and prepare yourself for whatever happens; and let the Urge burn itself out.  It is a force of nature, and no earthly power possessed by man could ever hope to curb such primal energy.  Once it takes over, there is no use trying to redirect it.  It will follow its own course, treading whichever path it chooses to take.

After a considerable amount of time laying dormant, the Urge has taken over me this weekend.

As per usual, the Urge has taken me unawares, and, like a thief in the night, slowly and stealthily took over, leaving me under its total control.  The Urge has led me to its usual haunts, first, at Waltermart, and then at Makati Square.  The Urge never gave me a chance to back down, never letting go until its needs were satisfied.  I went home with a heavy burden.  

Two burdens to be exact.  Both hardbounds, both fiction, both fantasy.  One about two magic practitioners and their testy relationship in Napolionic London; the other about the lost Book of All Knowledge, and the lives of two boys, one in the present, the other in the past, whose fates are intertwined with the Book.

I can't wait to read both, but before that, I would have to cover them first in thick plastic cover.  My obsessive-compulsive nature demands it.  I hope I can find the time, and soon.  

You can restrain it sometimes, but the bibliophile must have his books, and there are no other ways around it.     


  1. ooohhhh!!! i loved jonathan strange and mr. norell!! :) despite it's thickness, i enjoyed very much the escape it offered me. enjoy!!!!

  2. @ Jaime: I've heard many good things about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, that was why I opted to buy my own copy. Thanks, Jaime!

  3. i'm not familiar with the authors but nothing beats reading a hardbound book and a mug of creamed coffee. :)

    i'm currently reading a gabriela garcua-marquez. di ko pa natatapos hehe!

    give in to the urge, shatts! haha! akala ko kung ano ng urge yun eh. :P


  4. @ Lucas: Ano namang klaseng urges ang naisip mo, Ron? hehe

    Yeah, kahit wala sa budget, napabili ako ng libro. Matagal ko na kasing nakita sa Powerbooks yung mga iyon, e nung nakita ko sa Booksale at Buy-the-Book, hindi ko na pinalampas. Just bought plastic cover last night, siguro mamaya, magbalot na ako ng books.

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez... hindi naman kaya One Hundred Years of Solitude iyang binabasa mo? Love that book, pero na-depress ako sa ending.


  5. hahaha! sexual urge! :P paulit-ulit kasi sa balita ang kho-halili scandal! haha! kidding!

    ahh...i see. thanks for that info :D

    Nasa sa booksale! Hays...i love that place. good books for less prices. tambay ako dun lagi at national bookstore.

    nope. love in the time of cholera. i was intrigued bacause it was the book in the movie "serendipity", where kate left her name and number. hehe!


  6. Hayden and Katrina pa rin ba hanggang ngayon? Buti na lang di na ako nanonood ng TV, kaya di na ako affected sa mga nangyayari sa mga buhay nila. haha!

    I haven't read Love in the Time of Cholera yet. Balitaan mo na lang ako after you've finished it.

    I saw Serendipity. Maganda yung premise, although parang ang sayang ng oras at pagkakataon if you rely on a book and a $20 bill to dictate whether two people are destined to be together. haha!


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