Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sun, Stores and Sauna

For two days now, the air conditioning unit in our office is busted.  Maintenance has been trying, but in vain, apparently, to fix the offending machine, but the stubborn thing just doesn't want to be fixed.

For two days now, the office has transformed itself into a spa, with our area becoming a sauna. Imagine an office of more than thirty desks, breathing in the stale air and competing for the few electric fans around.  Add to the mix the heat from the sun outside and the whirring of more than thirty desktop computers, and you have a hell-hole of a place!  Imagine trying to concentrate on that.  What irks us the most is that only our part of the office is suffering this fate.  The other side of the office enjoys the convenience of having a separate AC unit that is somewhat impervious to damage.

That is why for two days now, I have been out of the office in the afternoons.  Sometimes, it is better to do the work on location, where, aside from the obvious treat of a functioning aircon, we are treated to free iced drinks and food.  It's just too bad that going to the store entails travelling, and under the heat of the sun!  Still, it is better than sweltering away inside the hot-house that is our office.


  1. Aww. I am sorry to hear about the heatin your office. I've been spending my vacation in our home, just on the bed and reading a book and I still feel that I need another bath. The summer is too much. Argh! :D

  2. Thanks for the concern, Rhaingel! And thankfully, the cooling problem has been fixed yesterday. We can now breathe (and work) easily today. hehe

    Thanks also for dropping by!


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