Monday, May 7, 2012

Night Swim

It is no understatement when I say that work is stressful.  What with the long hours, the unavoidable interruptions, the impossible deadlines, we're beat.  And even though we're in the middle of our busy season, our manager saw it fit to grant us this one night's respite from all the madness.

Never mind that it was just an overnight affair, and that we had to pool our money to finance it.  It was well worth the two or so hours to get to Pansol to enjoy the waters.

And the hot springs did not disappoint.  The company did not disappoint.  I was at first thinking of ditching the outing in favor of other personal matters, imagined or otherwise, but thankfully people persuaded me to come.  It was a nice bonding experience, and I got to see my officemates in an environment outside of work.

In my former work, I was one of young ones.  The same isn't applicable here, and I got to appreciate it now.  I still don't know all of their names, though.  :-)

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