Sunday, May 13, 2012


While on a special meeting regarding my transfer of work to other officemates, our budget manager, who was presiding over the meeting, commented on how people in the office are intimidated by me, to the point that they are afraid to approach me.

I was shocked, flabbergasted, even!  I know I can be shy almost to the point of being anti-social, but intimidating?!  Come on!

It was 2 in the afternoon and I was on my way out after class.  There were benches along the corridor leading to the South Gate.  Deep in thought upon whether I should eat at KFC or McDonald's for lunch, I noticed someone looking at me.  

Seated some few meters ahead, my myopic vision rendered me incapable of knowing who was looking at me.  I squinted to try to focus on her face when she waved.  "Uh-oh, someone who knows me whom I should also know.."  I thought while walking nearer her bench.

"Umm, Hi!"  I said, as I neared her location.  "Grabe ka, ShatterShards, ang sama mo namang makatingin," she said in reply.  I just smiled, waved, and hurried out of school.

We were talking about another friend, and out of curiosity, I asked what this friend thought about me.

"He's wary of you, because you're evil."
"What?!"  I choked.  It wasn't too long ago that I've been introduced to this friend, and we really aren't close.  There are very few avenues to talk, besides, despite belonging to the same group.  
"Well, not really evil, he said you look like someone who knows more that he lets on, so he's wary of you."
"Yeah, well, I do like to know stuff, you know that."

Overheard in the office:

Officemate 1:  Ma'am good mood ba si ShatterShards?
Officemate 2:  Ay, hindi, busy sya ngayon, may tinatapos na report.
Officemate 1:  Ganoon ba, sige, mamaya na lang ako lalapit.


I admit I can be too much to handle sometimes.  I can get too quiet and too serious when am in one of my moods, but that doesn't mean I bite people's heads off. Budget manager explained that my educational background and my being too formal puts other people in the office on their toes.

I just can't believe that that is other people's assessment of me.  It's sad, because I'm such a nice person deep deep deep deep down.



  1. naku, parhero tayo sa opisina. tahik daw ako, pero ang lakas daw ng arrive.

    pagsasapalin ko sila e! lolz

    1. Makulit kaya ako sa office! At least sa mga ka-wavelength ko. May mga tao lang talagang di kayang masundan yung sense of humor ko. hahaha!

  2. i've met you only once. You don't strike me as someone who bites. bark lang! char!

    1. Ang sweet ko kaya! Di makabasag-pinggan. hahaha!

  3. Haha. Naalala ko tuloy nung una kita ma-meet. Ang hirap mong basahin, kung natutuwa ka ba o naiinis na. :) Buti nakita ko yung makulit mong side hehe


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