Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Case of the Ex

What is the politics when dealing with your friend's ex? Is there a protocol that you should follow? How much interaction is allowable between you and the ex so as not to be construed as betrayal? And what if you've struck a friendship with the ex... what happens then?

Maybe I'll never know...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been blogging part time using friendster since last year. Unfortunately, my officemates have come to know of my friendster blog ever since the Alphalist Series, and now, I dont feel my verbosity is enough of a hindrance for them to read the trash I write in there.

I still write there, but it feels like I can no longer write everything I want to, because prying eyes are about. I don't feel confident anymore writing about my work (and my other work) in there because someone might be surveying the draft, and it might be used against me somehow. There was a precedent after all, that an officemate was called in by our HR because of the stuff she wrote in her blog. Thus the need for restraint.

But I don't want restraint, and I would want to keep on ranting, I mean writing, what I want, whenever I get the urge to do so. And so, hello, new blog. I hope you don't disappoint me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rayearth: Mokona, and the Search for Sagato and Emeraulde

Once again, I saw something that constricted my heart and hollowed out my insides.

I’ve seen it before, long before it was posted, but seeing it there caused another twitch inside of me. I thought I was ready for it, I thought I would no longer be affected.

I really should learn not to care, but how do you do that when the object of caring has lodged deep inside your core?

How do you stop an addiction, an obsession, when it has been fully assimilated in your system; when it seems that removing it would spell your demise?

How do you even try to forget?

published in friendster blog June 3rd, 2008


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